A Sandusky man has taken to the Internet to raise money for his new documentary exploring controversies over natural gas development in Pennsylvania.
8:00 AM Dec 27, 2011
The moon has come a long way since Galileo first peered at it through a telescope. Unmanned probes have circled around it and landed on its surface. Twelve American astronauts have walked on it. And lunar rocks and soil have been hauled back from it.
7:00 AM Dec 27, 2011
The FBI joined the search for a missing 9-year-old Indiana girl with physical and emotional problems Monday as agents descended on the mobile home park where she lived and that's a known haven for registered sex offenders.
12:34 AM Dec 27, 2011
A Huron native wants to transcend government short-comings by reminding politicians about the country's most important document they've seemingly ignored.
11:49 PM Dec 26, 2011
"You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout. I'm telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town."
3:00 PM Dec 26, 2011
More than 1,600 people who filed lawsuits claiming that their health was ruined by dust and smoke from the collapsed World Trade Center must decide by Jan. 2 whether to keep fighting in court, or drop the litigation and apply for benefits from a government compensation fund.
2:00 PM Dec 26, 2011
Erie County has opened up a new front on the war on water pollution.
11:00 AM Dec 26, 2011
Tyrone Doward is one happy fella as he runs Thursday through the Columbus Avenue underpass. Doward put on a 20-pound weight vest at Jackson Street Pier before beginning his stretching and running routine run down Columbus Avenue, all with a big smile on his face.
8:00 AM Dec 26, 2011
Visitors to Ohio's first casino won't see glitzy Las Vegas-style stage shows but instead will get an invitation to gamble and then sample the attractions in blue-collar Cleveland.
6:00 AM Dec 26, 2011
Just one month into the job, Uganda is already making quite a name for herself.
1:00 PM Dec 25, 2011
Sawmill Creek Resort plans to offer the old-fashioned pleasure of ice skating on a pond.
11:00 AM Dec 25, 2011
Wonder what Sandusky residents were eating on this holiday in 1891? It appears saddle of venison, Milan sweet corn and mince pie were on the menu.
11:00 AM Dec 25, 2011
Tina McLaughlin-Dill is patching her life back together one square at a time.
6:00 AM Dec 25, 2011
The people of North Korea's capital have received a special gift from recently deceased leader Kim Jong Il: loads and loads of fish.
8:33 PM Dec 24, 2011
Santa's piling up more than presents this year. The big man's trackers at NORAD say Santa Claus also broke records this Christmas Eve.
8:32 PM Dec 24, 2011