A Norwalk couple is behind bars for stealing more than $20,000 worth of jewelry from a woman's home, police said.
1:06 PM Jul 26, 2011
Authorities in Lorain say a 6-year-old girl tried to drown a litter of seven puppies in a swimming pool.
11:20 AM Jul 26, 2011

Hi people, I am happy to announce that I have my first workout partner. You might have read about this guy. His name is Ron and he walked over 1,000 laps at Osborne Park this year.

11:06 AM Jul 26, 2011

This past week went OK. I ran 4 miles on July 18; by far the longest I have ever ran in my entire life.

11:01 AM Jul 26, 2011
The following is the Ohio Department of Transportation road construction update for the week of July 25.
11:00 AM Jul 26, 2011
Perkins Township singer Sarah Linthicum Davis will sing the national anthem at tonight's Indian's game at 7:05 p.m.
10:50 AM Jul 26, 2011
An Ohio Lake Erie lighthouse is on the auction block for anyone looking for a distinctive property that includes a lamp visible for 11 miles.
9:00 AM Jul 26, 2011
The man accused of killing Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn appeared Monday in Erie County Common Pleas Court for a second pretrial conference.
8:00 AM Jul 26, 2011
The city commissioner whose uncle was fired from the manager's spot at the Paper District Marina is now questioning how the marina is being managed.
6:01 AM Jul 26, 2011
U.S. Army veteran John Koelsch uses writing as therapy to relieve the stress he and his comrades experienced during the Vietnam War.
5:00 AM Jul 26, 2011
The wealth gaps between whites and minorities have grown to their widest levels in a quarter-century.
5:59 PM Jul 25, 2011
Kids and adults turned out Saturday afternoon for the first Pinewood Derby at the Ottawa County Fair.
4:41 PM Jul 25, 2011
Smoking should be banned not only inside Ohio school buildings, but also on surrounding school property under a recommendation by the state school board.
3:30 PM Jul 25, 2011
Former city commissioner and ex-Sandusky police chief Kim Nuesse will be the guest on "Between the Lines Live" with Matt Westerhold this week.
3:30 PM Jul 25, 2011
A 42-year-old man accused of shooting his estranged wife and others at a crowded nightclub south of Seattle is scheduled to appear in court for a bail hearing.
3:03 PM Jul 25, 2011