As Cedar Point closes for the season, Hildebrandt calls it a career.
10:51 AM Oct 27, 2013
Former Cedar Fair president and CEO lauds outgoing Cedar Point GM.
10:51 AM Oct 27, 2013
Victim’s sister sheds light on details.
10:09 AM Oct 27, 2013
And by the way, pumpkin seeds — like most seeds — are very good for us
10:00 AM Oct 27, 2013
FRMC helps add exercise to after-school program
9:00 AM Oct 27, 2013
Calming horses provide comfort for Ohio veterans.
9:00 AM Oct 27, 2013
Get History every day in the Register
7:30 AM Oct 27, 2013
Street will be closed for repairs next Monday and Tuesday.
7:10 AM Oct 27, 2013
Justice for Jake & Ella Facebook posts question detective about calls to witnesses
6:27 AM Oct 27, 2013
Another month of fixes for health care website.
6:00 AM Oct 27, 2013
An Ohio grand jury has indicted a priest on a felony charge of soliciting sex at a Cleveland park.
9:22 PM Oct 26, 2013
Patient safety advocates quick to criticize the approval of Zohydro
8:00 PM Oct 26, 2013
The choir from Sandusky’s Zion Lutheran Church flew to Germany Friday for a week-long trip into the denomination’s roots.
7:53 PM Oct 26, 2013