A former Ohio deputy health commissioner is on the hook for more than $20,000 in fines and court costs for violating 60 zoning codes at his Kelleys Island home.
12:21 PM Oct 28, 2013
Republican leaders in the Ohio Senate want savings from a Medicaid program expansion to finance a 4 percent state income tax cut.
12:19 PM Oct 28, 2013
Written permission from agency needed before gaining access to technology.
11:49 AM Oct 28, 2013
I normally don’t schedule an “On The Job” assignment for 8 a.m.

But I was in the parking lot of Catawba Island Brewing Co. at that precise time, not one minute later.

11:17 AM Oct 28, 2013
State regulators and Ohio’s attorney general are warning consumers about the illegal sale of cosmetic, or decorative, contact lenses often sold during the Halloween season.
11:14 AM Oct 28, 2013
One last burst of energy – that’s all that’s needed before gardening is done for the year.
11:13 AM Oct 28, 2013
• Payne, Nickles & Co. ‘best to work for’ in 2013 • Firelands named best in region for vascular surgery
10:22 AM Oct 28, 2013
Retiring leaders of police, fire departments lead to changes.
10:11 AM Oct 28, 2013
Paperwork to formally withdraw has yet to be filled out.
9:59 AM Oct 28, 2013

 It is a community effort to have elections. 

9:48 AM Oct 28, 2013
Northeast Ohio’s Stark State College plans to build an oil and natural-gas training site in Canton.
9:16 AM Oct 28, 2013
Mistreatment happens in home, sports, workplace
9:00 AM Oct 28, 2013
Legg, 23, second prisoner to jump from second tier of Huron County jail.
8:54 AM Oct 28, 2013
Co-founder of the Wightman Wieber Foundation 13 years ago, she was integral to several annual events supporting youth and safety in the community.
8:37 AM Oct 28, 2013
Curtis Clinton murder trial begins today
7:31 AM Oct 28, 2013