As Adam Lanza withdrew from the world into his bedroom, the only person he appeared close to was his mother, who cooked his favorite meals, did his laundry — and bonded with him over shooting and guns.
6:36 PM Nov 27, 2013
An Ohio judge said she will consider a lighter sentence for a man facing up to a life term for fatally shooting his ailing wife in her hospital bed.
6:21 PM Nov 27, 2013
Thanksgiving, first of eight days of Hanukkah both celebrated tomorrow in rare coincidence.
6:10 PM Nov 27, 2013
Conservation Reserve Program is not as lucrative for landowners as corn, soy crops
6:00 PM Nov 27, 2013
By far the best holiday of the year, Thanksgiving is a time where there is no awkward gift exchanges, the same five songs don’t play over and over and over….and over again, you don’t have to spend your life’s savings finding your kids that rare Turboman doll.  It’s plain and simple-show up, watch...
5:40 PM Nov 27, 2013
A few weeks ago, drilling drywall in place seemed like a daunting task to Jordan Halsey and Jackie Brandal.
4:44 PM Nov 27, 2013
The Ohio Attorney General’s office is suing a man accused of texting thousands of unwanted sales messages to people, including many on the National Do Not Call registry.
4:18 PM Nov 27, 2013
Margaretta Schools holds meetings to discuss charter school.
3:44 PM Nov 27, 2013
Busy night for law enforcement on tap.
3:40 PM Nov 27, 2013
Republicans and Democrats in Ohio’s capital city are launching a joint effort to explore landing a national political convention.
2:38 PM Nov 27, 2013
“For the general good of the Colony.”
2:04 PM Nov 27, 2013

It's fitting and uplifting that Winfield Finch Sr., 87, was honored during a Veterans Day service this month by the United States Marine Corp.

2:00 PM Nov 27, 2013
The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Erie County is seeking applicants for several scholarships to be awarded for the upcoming school year. Deadline to apply is Jan. 31.
1:36 PM Nov 27, 2013
Agencies must sort credible reports out from trivial claims
1:00 PM Nov 27, 2013
‘Blue laws’ in three states prohibit large stores from being open on the holiday
12:27 PM Nov 27, 2013