Renovations are moving along at a suburban Cleveland horse track that's adding a new way to gamble.
6:01 PM Jan 24, 2013
“Apron Strings” is a play of six vignettes about motherhood. Playwright Michael McKeever has long been a favorite of Harlequins theatre, and this particular play afforded it the opportunity to take people involved with the theatre and, with the guidance of mentors Phillip W. Johnson and Marian Hancy, prepare them to direct.
5:58 PM Jan 24, 2013

Today we premiere a new weekly blog "LFG (Looking for Group)", written by Matt Morgan, the owner of The Hero Zone comic and game store in downtown Sandusky.

4:32 PM Jan 24, 2013
Police arrested a Sandusky man Tuesday night after he allegedly put his step-daughter in a headlock and pointed a gun at her head.
4:02 PM Jan 24, 2013

This week on Between the Lines LIVE, managing editor Matt Westerhold talks to Perkins schools Superintendent Jim Gunner about upcoming levies and issues with the Perkins High School building.

2:43 PM Jan 24, 2013
City officials have finalized plans for a bike path at Lions Park, with the project coming in about $50,000 less than engineers estimated.
2:15 PM Jan 24, 2013
Officials in a western Ohio city are collecting about $227,000 as part of a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer of a herbicide that ended up in the municipal water supply.
1:02 PM Jan 24, 2013

When Rita first came into our office in February 2012, her situation was desperate.  After being laid off of work in March, 2009, she soon fell behind on her mortgage payments and was sued for foreclosure in 2010.  After a lengthy process she ultimately suffered a foreclosure judgment about three

11:02 AM Jan 24, 2013
Don’t try walking out onto the surface of Lake Erie, the Coast Guard says. You’ll be on thin ice.
10:14 AM Jan 24, 2013
A taxpayer has challenged an Ohio judge's decision that a $5,000 fine paid by a former high school basketball coach who videotaped boys in a locker room shower should go the Connecticut community where a gunman killed 26 people.
9:01 AM Jan 24, 2013
A third independent assessment of Perkins High School echoes the first two: To keep the building safe, modern and efficient, it's cheaper to rebuild, not renovate.
8:24 AM Jan 24, 2013
Travelers don't equate the hustle and bustle of airports with yoga but now some airports are adding tranquil spaces where practitioners can stretch, meditate and get away from it all.
6:53 AM Jan 24, 2013

Perkins Schools Superintendent Jim Gunner is the guest today at noon on "Between the Lines Live." 

The interactive chatroom will be open for viewer dialogue and questions. 


6:26 AM Jan 24, 2013