Updated with Between the Lines video from Baumler's home. Baumler writes book about growing up on Kelleys Island during the Great Depression
4:18 PM Nov 29, 2013
Though the park is closed, winter mainentance is in full swing for Cedar Point.
3:35 PM Nov 29, 2013
Sandusky officials ensured their insurance rates stay as low as possible next year.
3:28 PM Nov 29, 2013
The Green and Constitution parties in Ohio want to join a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of new ballot access rules for minor political parties.
2:25 PM Nov 29, 2013
City commissioners vote to spend $300,000 on changes.
1:26 PM Nov 29, 2013
77th Annual Christmas Concerts
1:24 PM Nov 29, 2013
A new local church, the Harvest House MBC, will host a dedication celebration Saturday.
1:23 PM Nov 29, 2013
Man was unconcious when pulled from fiery vehicle
1:21 PM Nov 29, 2013
Miller, of Oak Harbor, accused of ongoing abuse of girl.
1:09 PM Nov 29, 2013
Judge orders Sriracha maker to stop emitting annoying odors
1:00 PM Nov 29, 2013
Visit Santa and his helpers at the Santa House. The magical holiday weekend begins Friday, November 29.
12:40 PM Nov 29, 2013
A van was struck by a car on Ohio 101 at County Road 268 in Clyde today around noon, police said.
12:39 PM Nov 29, 2013
A second appeal has failed for a man convicted in the 1988 Hell’s Angels killing of a Sandusky man.
12:22 PM Nov 29, 2013