This week on Between the Lines Live, Managing Editor Matt Westerhold gets into the spirit of a project aimed at raising money for a senior dental program.

3:07 PM Nov 8, 2012
Erie County officials are bracing for a possible lawsuit from a man they fired 16 months ago after he was charged with rape.
3:00 PM Nov 8, 2012
Wilson: 'Back in the day my lunch was a feast' Another week gone. The time is just flying. I've decided I'm not that crazy about exercise because it makes my whole body hurt. Bike riding is the only activity I've found that, for the most part, is painless. Riding my stationary bike at home is a...
2:12 PM Nov 8, 2012
We’ve been having a great time at our High Roller Happy Hours at Thirsty Pony, and our winners of tickets on the “Fun Bus” going to Hollywood Casino in Toledo seem to be enjoying themselves too.
2:00 PM Nov 8, 2012
Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a one-vehicle crash on U.S. 6 near Whites Landing on Thursday morning.
1:01 PM Nov 8, 2012

In almost every case we handle, we see the absolute cruel torture that the banks put homeowners desperate to save their homes through as they seek mortgage relief. One of the most dramatic examples of this phenomenon is seen in the story of Tim and Sandra Hake.

11:29 AM Nov 8, 2012
Come to the Sandusky State Theatre this Thursday to hang out with Funcoast and for a chance to win awesome prizes.
10:30 AM Nov 8, 2012
Brussels sprouts can generate some pretty strong opinions. As with cilantro or goat cheese, you either love them or hate them.
10:00 AM Nov 8, 2012
State prison officials in Ohio began a two-day inspection Wednesday of the lakeshore prison that became the nation's first privately owned state prison last year, checking on whether dozens of safety, health and security issues uncovered in a recent audit have been fixed.
9:00 AM Nov 8, 2012
A teacher might give Erie County residents a C grade — an OK, albeit disappointing mark — on its voter turnout rate for Tuesday's election.
8:00 AM Nov 8, 2012
Upper-income Americans may face a tax increase. Auto fuel economy standards might be raised. Stocks of construction and engineering companies could benefit.
6:00 AM Nov 8, 2012
Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized a veritable mountain of marijuana from a self-proclaimed hurricane relief worker Tuesday on the Ohio Turnpike.
5:01 AM Nov 8, 2012