An ideal evening for Ali McKean, 6, is often spent doodling at the kitchen table.
3:28 PM Dec 2, 2013

With the advent of point and shoot cameras, cell phone cameras, and cameras on tablets and other digital devices, it seems that everybody is a photographer today (or thinks they are).

3:00 PM Dec 2, 2013
A group of teenage boys might have landed a spot on the naughty list this holiday season.
2:38 PM Dec 2, 2013
Ka’Mari Flemming, 5, took her place in Santa’s lap.

Her wide smile showed off an adorable gap from a missing tooth. “Do you want a tooth?” Santa teased.

1:39 PM Dec 2, 2013
Unmanned portals prevent outsiders from entering secure areas through exits
1:00 PM Dec 2, 2013

Herm’s Story


12:37 PM Dec 2, 2013

As retailers across the country extend “Black Friday” from a one-day event to a weeklong effort that includes shopping time on Thanksgiving day, some wish for the old days when “blue laws” made it difficult to do business on Sundays.

12:30 PM Dec 2, 2013
Ohio’s Division of Wildlife is monitoring deer around the state for reasons including health and public safety as deer-gun season opens this week.
12:25 PM Dec 2, 2013
"Believe in the [me] that believes in you!" - Kamina, Gurren Lagaan (2007)
12:20 PM Dec 2, 2013
“It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full. Be thankful that you have a glass and grateful that there’s something in it” — Mary Kallahassy


11:40 AM Dec 2, 2013
Several reports of gunshots in the downtown Sandusky area Saturday night can likely be attributed to a do-it-yourself fireworks display.
11:37 AM Dec 2, 2013
Despite disease, Ohio girl plays in marching band
11:32 AM Dec 2, 2013
Police negotiators have been sent to Scott High School today on reports of a standoff involving a student with a gun.
10:48 AM Dec 2, 2013
Budget projections show Sandusky, by early next year, having about a $1 million deficit in the $16 million 2014 budget.
10:27 AM Dec 2, 2013
Ida Rupp Library offers free children’s theater production.
9:28 AM Dec 2, 2013