Ottawa County Register focuses coverage across the Edison Bridge
2:22 PM Oct 31, 2013
Your first hint is a Halloween theme, but you could have figured that out since  burger night falls on October 31 this year. Hint #2- Three words
2:20 PM Oct 31, 2013
The trial has wrapped up for the day. Watch video updates from the Erie County Courthouse.
2:15 PM Oct 31, 2013
High school student collects pillows, pajamas for needy families.
1:17 PM Oct 31, 2013

Patricia’s Story

1:06 PM Oct 31, 2013
Researchers report initial findings in the quest to find substance that has mass but cannot be seen
1:00 PM Oct 31, 2013

While the actual date of the Internet’s birthday is widely contested, many say that the Internet was born over 40 years ago on Oct

12:55 PM Oct 31, 2013
Weather forecast forced some communities to reschedule.
11:56 AM Oct 31, 2013
Halloween is today and you still don't know what you're wearing? Have no fear (yet), here are some quick, cheap, last-minute costume ideas that will work for all ages.
11:30 AM Oct 31, 2013
Decorate a bra to be auctioned or displayed at Girls’ Night Out and you could win $500, $200 or $100.
10:36 AM Oct 31, 2013
Terra State Community College will host a series of “instant admission days” next week to guarantee new and returning students speedy acceptance into the college.
9:17 AM Oct 31, 2013
Many questions remain unanswered in preventing and treating dangerous head injuries
9:00 AM Oct 31, 2013
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7:00 AM Oct 31, 2013
Some recipients underwhelmed by the smallest automatic adjustment since 1975
6:00 AM Oct 31, 2013
Mona Rutger navigated through a sea of seated students, carefully balancing a medium-sized barred owl on her wrist.
5:42 AM Oct 31, 2013