4:38 AM Aug 21, 2014
USDA sending acreage history, yield reports
9:17 PM Aug 20, 2014
Money from sales tax increase helping improve Erie County Sheriff's Office, including jail
9:00 PM Aug 20, 2014
Theater plans focus groups Tuesday and Aug. 27
8:49 PM Aug 20, 2014
The $500,000 in state funds aims to demolish at least 20 area blighted, vacant homes
8:47 PM Aug 20, 2014

Was it the Gemini? The Blue Streak? Top Thrill?

Here's our list of the best order for kids to make their way up the roller coaster ranks at America's Roller Coast...

8:01 PM Aug 20, 2014
Experts discuss sources, possible solutions
8:00 PM Aug 20, 2014
U.S. Attorney General tells citizens 'we can make it better'
7:49 PM Aug 20, 2014
Swimmer was floating on inner tube
6:45 PM Aug 20, 2014
Improvements to benefit 200 area homeowners
6:00 PM Aug 20, 2014
Islamic militants post video of U.S. journalist's murder Tuesday and said they killed him because of U.S. airstrikes
5:01 PM Aug 20, 2014
Ottawa County Schools back in session
4:57 PM Aug 20, 2014
Effort to spruce up city continues 8 a.m. Saturday
4:22 PM Aug 20, 2014
Ava's Labor of Love Benefit is Aug. 30 at Waterworks Park
4:20 PM Aug 20, 2014

We cannot yet accurately calculate the pounds of fat or lean mass on FIT Challenger Sherry Waugh. This is because our tools for calculating body fat will not accurately work in Sherry's case. 

3:33 PM Aug 20, 2014
Are the kids off to Shawnee, Woodlands, McCormick or the high school? Take a photo before they go
3:22 PM Aug 20, 2014
11-year-old also charged with criminal mischief
3:01 PM Aug 20, 2014
Week ending Aug. 17
2:20 PM Aug 20, 2014
Obama administration is being pressed to enforce anti-discrimination provisions
2:01 PM Aug 20, 2014
Voice of C.O.R.D. dies at age 71
1:25 PM Aug 20, 2014
"If you're going to drug test the kids, drug test the teachers, and drug test anyone who walks into the building"