Perkins topped St. Mary Central Catholic Monday in Sandusky Bay Conference girls' tennis action.
3:20 PM Oct 1, 2013
Along with football and chillier weather, the fall season kicks off another annual affair: elections.
2:22 PM Oct 1, 2013
After years of work, public can view restored World War II plane.
1:31 PM Oct 1, 2013


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Perkins Police


September 29, 2013


1:30 PM Oct 1, 2013
Campers in national parks are to pull up stakes and leave, some veterans waiting to have disability benefits approved will have to cool their heels even longer, many routine food inspections will be suspended and panda-cams will go dark at the shuttered National Zoo.
1:30 PM Oct 1, 2013
Jim Henson's family donates more than 20 puppets and props to National Museum of American History
1:00 PM Oct 1, 2013
The Erie County Care Facility’s finance director was fired Thursday after she admitted to stealing funds from a patient, county officials said.
12:34 PM Oct 1, 2013
Enrollment begins today
12:20 PM Oct 1, 2013
One of four people allegedly involved in a Sept. 23 shooting on Eddy Henry Way was arrested Sunday in Mississippi.
12:19 PM Oct 1, 2013

The county’s port authority was established in 2011. It wasn’t until recently that the five member board was chosen to activate the board on a regular basis after being dormant for two years.    

12:12 PM Oct 1, 2013
Economic recovery in the Firelands and Ohio.
10:33 AM Oct 1, 2013
Huron and Edison are off to Columbus.
10:20 AM Oct 1, 2013