Even handcuffs weren’t enough to dissuade an alleged credit card thief from striking again.
3:25 PM Oct 10, 2013
Prosecutor cites lack of evidence against pastor.
3:17 PM Oct 10, 2013
Facebook and Twitter are good sites to reference for events, but there are a few others of which you should be aware.
3:00 PM Oct 10, 2013
FIT Challenger missed the whole month of September
2:50 PM Oct 10, 2013
A judge in Findlay told a man standing before him in court that he’s still legally dead.
2:32 PM Oct 10, 2013
A Sandusky County man was arrested Tuesday after nearly slamming his SUV into authorities investigating complaints about animal cruelty at his farm, county officials said.
2:22 PM Oct 10, 2013
Three contentious abortion-related provisions of Ohio’s budget violate a constitutional rule holding bills to a single subject, the American Civil Liberties Union argued in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.
1:47 PM Oct 10, 2013
Sandusky police handled two noteworthy BB gun incidents this week.
1:40 PM Oct 10, 2013


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Sandusky Police


October 8, 2013

1:30 PM Oct 10, 2013

The Reed’s Story

1:20 PM Oct 10, 2013
Scientists developed computer simulations of complex chemical processes
1:00 PM Oct 10, 2013
A Florence Township man was arrested late Monday after his motorcycle crashed into a road sign.
12:46 PM Oct 10, 2013
Fans voted Keegan Hall, of Edison and Bella Stoll, of St. Paul, as the Fandy.com Football and Volleyball Player of the Week, brought to you by Norwalk Heating & Air!
12:30 PM Oct 10, 2013
This week's topping is going to be difficult to guess, but we'll give you some hints to help you out. Hint #1: Tough nut to crack
12:20 PM Oct 10, 2013
Small creatures not a threat. (Updated with video)
11:55 AM Oct 10, 2013