Waterfront activities already reign supreme in north-central Ohio, with boats zipping from marinas to nearby islands in Lake Erie and barge parties attracting thousands to Sandusky Bay.
10:44 AM Aug 7, 2012
A four-day jury trial ended with enough guilty verdicts to put Justin Stowers in prison for up to 21 years, in addition to the six he's already serving for his role in a shooting last year.
10:43 AM Aug 7, 2012
America needs a national energy policy that specifically includes the use of fossil fuels and creates a stable regulatory environment that encourages growth and job creation, executives in the coal, natural gas and electricity industries said Monday.
10:00 AM Aug 7, 2012
From the Reader Forum on the Opinion Page in today's Register, Aug. 7, 2012: In recent months I have spoken publicly about the actions of two current Huron School board members and one former member and have submitted letters to both the Register disputing information they voluntarily put out in the public.
7:16 AM Aug 7, 2012
Nicole Ard informed city commissioners in an email on Monday she was taking a leave of absence to attend to a family emergency.
12:02 AM Aug 7, 2012
A new federal report shows that the numbers of Ohio retailers caught selling tobacco to underage customers declined to the lowest level since tracking began.
8:07 PM Aug 6, 2012
A quick response from residents and firefighters may have saved a 1901 Margaretta Township school house from more severe damage Monday.
6:01 PM Aug 6, 2012
A swine flu virus has been linked to the just-concluded Ohio State Fair, bringing to 15 the number of confirmed cases in humans this summer in Ohio.
5:00 PM Aug 6, 2012
Ohio drivers are paying 40 cents more per gallon at the gas pump compared with one week ago.
4:37 PM Aug 6, 2012
(UPDATED at 3:57 p.m. with application materials) A reader wrote in last week asking about the latest developments in the search for the new Sandusky police chief. At the time nothing new had happened - but now we have more information.
4:06 PM Aug 6, 2012
Voters in Margaretta, Clyde-Green Springs and Kelleys Island school districts will go to the polls Tuesday to decide on levies.
3:04 PM Aug 6, 2012
There was no mystery as to which team Varun Pemmaraju was supporting: His American flag was tied around his neck, the Stars and Stripes floating like a cape behind him.
2:00 PM Aug 6, 2012