Scientists developed computer simulations of complex chemical processes
1:00 PM Oct 10, 2013
A Florence Township man was arrested late Monday after his motorcycle crashed into a road sign.
12:46 PM Oct 10, 2013
Fans voted Keegan Hall, of Edison and Bella Stoll, of St. Paul, as the Football and Volleyball Player of the Week, brought to you by Norwalk Heating & Air!
12:30 PM Oct 10, 2013
This week's topping is going to be difficult to guess, but we'll give you some hints to help you out. Hint #1: Tough nut to crack
12:20 PM Oct 10, 2013
Small creatures not a threat. (Updated with video)
11:55 AM Oct 10, 2013
A local judge chastised Sandusky officials for not “properly terminating” a part-time police officer.
10:36 AM Oct 10, 2013
A Norwalk teenager died from an apparent drowning Wednesday afternoon in the Huron River.
9:17 AM Oct 10, 2013
Projections say eventually, the coldest year in a particular region will be hotter than the hottest year in its past
9:00 AM Oct 10, 2013
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October 7, 2013

7:00 AM Oct 10, 2013
To successfully meet March 31 deadline, Americans must send in health insurance application by mid-February
6:00 AM Oct 10, 2013
FIT Challenger Brian Feltner has lost 8 pounds since our last weigh-in more than a month ago.   He seems to be doing well with sticking to his diet plan.   But with his new job just starting recently, I have not been able to see Brian much.   He has expressed to me many times that his...
4:10 AM Oct 10, 2013
An Erie County grand jury reaffirmed gang-related charges for six Sandusky men involved in an Aug. 25 brawl on Fox Run Trail.
11:11 PM Oct 9, 2013
St. Stephen African Methodist Episcopal Church will host a Bible study event this weekend at the Erie County Senior Center.
8:36 PM Oct 9, 2013
Snyder says no change is under consideration.
8:00 PM Oct 9, 2013