The grandmother and caretaker of an 18-month-old Vermilion Township boy who starved to death last November will spend the next two years behind bars for the role she played in the child’s death.
12:29 PM Nov 19, 2013

The last commission meeting was refreshing when the newly elected officers attended the commission meeting and engaged in discussion, but the same old topics came up to be rehashed over and over again with very little progress

12:10 PM Nov 19, 2013
More than 20 children participated in the second annual “A Night to Shine” event.
12:00 PM Nov 19, 2013
About 100 Erie County employees received an early stocking stuffer from their three bosses this holiday season.
11:59 AM Nov 19, 2013
Meal will cost the same as last year
11:20 AM Nov 19, 2013
Sandusky resident Estella Chavarria knows her apparently handwritten copy of Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” is almost surely a reproduction.
9:53 AM Nov 19, 2013
A freighter ran aground in Sandusky Bay Sunday morning, and will likely remain there until sometime today.
9:48 AM Nov 19, 2013
George Zimmerman was charged with assault Monday after his girlfriend called deputies to the home where they were living and claimed he pointed a shotgun at her during an argument, authorities said.
9:45 AM Nov 19, 2013
Tornadoes and strong winds from a storm that battered the Midwest on Sunday damaged homes, toppled a drive-in movie screen and ripped off the roof of a church building in northwest Ohio.
9:39 AM Nov 19, 2013
Former Sandusky teacher to stand in for Abraham Lincoln at event today in Gettysburg, Pa.
9:09 AM Nov 19, 2013
Senate bill would allow Guantanamo prisoners to be moved to U.S. for detention, trial or medical treatment
9:00 AM Nov 19, 2013
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7:30 AM Nov 19, 2013
Unlike the 2011-launched Curiosity rover, Maven will conduct its experiments from orbit around Mars
6:00 AM Nov 19, 2013
Another week down, more personal progress made.   This week: Portion Size I never really used to pay a whole lot of attention to my portion size.  I never knew how much I use to overeat ... AND it was by a lot! I’ve been adding more and more vegetables to my daily intake.  I’ve always liked veggies...
12:50 AM Nov 19, 2013