Minor injuries in crash on Cleveland Road in front of Griffing Airport
1:07 PM Aug 11, 2013
Patrick Abedin, a.k.a. Nick Beef, owns cemetery plot and marker next to Lee Harvey Oswald's grave
1:00 PM Aug 11, 2013
Former Margaretta Polar Bear getting more playing time after blocking for Peyton Manning, now Andrew Luck.
11:20 AM Aug 11, 2013
State offering bonuses, along with culture and language classes, to attract and retain educators
9:00 AM Aug 11, 2013
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7:30 AM Aug 11, 2013
Authorities said a man suspected of killing a California woman and her young son before fleeing with her 16-year-old daughter was killed in the Idaho wilderness Saturday, and the teen was found safe.
6:00 AM Aug 11, 2013
Exploading cans, rolling kegs of beer and doing other fancy tricks is not just for fun or work, it's competition.
9:30 PM Aug 10, 2013
The president opened the first summer vacation of his second term Saturday on Martha's Vineyard, trading Washington debates over the budget, government surveillance and his health care overhaul for a hoped-for carefree week.
8:00 PM Aug 10, 2013
State's incarcerated had fourth-highest price in nation for interstate calls
6:00 PM Aug 10, 2013
Does that name sound familiar? A Cedar Point ride was to debut with the same name. What ride was it?
4:44 PM Aug 10, 2013
Vermilion civic group takes cleanup project a little too far, removing 41 feet of pathway
4:00 PM Aug 10, 2013
Few blacks, women, Hispanics and other races employed as public servants
3:12 PM Aug 10, 2013