City commissioner Pervis Brown Jr. defended himself against an accusation that he botched the search for a new police chief by refusing to consider any officers with present or past associations with the Perkins Township Police Department.
10:14 PM Aug 13, 2012
Drought-stricken dairy farmers struggling to feed cattle in eastern Ohio are getting hay donations from around the country thanks to a plea from a Mennonite agency.
8:00 PM Aug 13, 2012
Cedar Point has introduced GateKeeper - a new roller coaster for 2013 that will change the entrance of the park.
6:57 PM Aug 13, 2012
The storms that socked Ohio in June and July caused insured losses of at least $433.5 million.
5:00 PM Aug 13, 2012
You've been waiting months -- and it's finally here.
3:43 PM Aug 13, 2012
A teenager suffered a serious head injury after being assaulted Friday night at the Erie County Fair, according to reports from the Erie County Sheriff's Office.
3:00 PM Aug 13, 2012
Despite a national trend of sharply rising gas prices this summer, Ohio drivers are paying slightly less at the pump this week than last.
2:00 PM Aug 13, 2012
Q: What good is a National Do Not Call list? A person registers their phones (lines, cell, etc.) on this list and yet the unwanted calls, the computerized calls, keep coming - day and evenings. Calling can complaining does absolultely nothing. - Wayne on E. Madison St.
11:45 AM Aug 13, 2012
A task force that aims to increase the number of Ohioans with college degrees is convening for the first time.
10:21 AM Aug 13, 2012
After months of grueling road marches through the north Georgia mountains, a group of elite paratroopers had to put their training to the test in a trial by fire. They leapt from an airplane, bullets whizzing past parachutes and shrapnel pelting the plane's side panels.
10:14 AM Aug 13, 2012
The Ohio Department of Transportation and the city of Sandusky have announced the following construction updates and road closures for the week of Aug. 13.
10:13 AM Aug 13, 2012
Since 2009, no Erie County road saw more automobile crashes than Milan Road, according to a recently released report by the county's regional planning commission.
10:12 AM Aug 13, 2012