Cleveland, Columbus others support use of traffic cameras
12:45 PM Jan 29, 2014
District moves ahead with ‘five for five’ levy plan
11:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
Risenburg pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter.
10:36 AM Jan 29, 2014
“We believe that good financial practices are important, and taxpayers expect accountability and transparency”
9:26 AM Jan 29, 2014
Ottawa and Huron counties saw jumps in unemployment in December, while Sandusky and Erie counties saw their job situations improve.
8:20 AM Jan 29, 2014
Cookie Monster is even cutting back
8:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
The trend-setting company is losing ground to rivals that offer what Apple won't — lower prices and larger screens.
6:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
New styles of detachable sunglasses also available
6:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity! It has been a real eye-opener! Having my pictures and measurements in the paper and online for everyone to see has put it all into a new perspective! I am very motivated and trying very hard to eat right and get the most out of my workouts. I have...
5:20 AM Jan 29, 2014
A few local school districts have cancelled Wednesday classes, with delays in other areas. Send any closings, cancellations and delays to
8:06 PM Jan 28, 2014
Winter storm that would probably be no big deal in the North all but paralyzed the Deep South
8:00 PM Jan 28, 2014
With lethal-injection drugs in short supply, lawmakers in some death penalty states are thinking back on old methods: firing squads, electrocutions and gas chambers.
6:00 PM Jan 28, 2014
A woman who reported being violently raped by a cab driver is suing a Cincinnati police officer who arrested her instead of taking her to the hospital.
5:55 PM Jan 28, 2014
The Ohio Small Business Development Center at Terra State Community College will host a series of free small business seminars in February. Anyone can attend.
4:47 PM Jan 28, 2014
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4:34 PM Jan 28, 2014