Excerpt from the Viewpoint editorial in the today's Register, July 24, 2012: Huron's leadership has shown long-term planning creates opportunities to build a better community, a stronger community and a more attractive destination place for residents and tourists alike. Everybody has an opinion; Don't miss ours
6:03 AM Jul 24, 2012
The mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater rattled the nerves of some other moviegoers with opening weekend tickets for the new Batman film and led some cinema chains to add more guards. Experts say it's unlikely, though, that venues will implement even stricter security measures because it would significantly alter the experience of going to a film, concert or game.
6:00 AM Jul 24, 2012
Ohio higher education officials have voted unanimously to urge the state's public campuses to ban use of all tobacco products, both indoors and outdoors.
8:10 PM Jul 23, 2012
Three people have been taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center following a two-car collision on Perkins Avenue in front of Kroger.
6:19 PM Jul 23, 2012
The U.S. Coast Guard says it rescued three people whose boat became swamped in Lake Erie.
5:07 PM Jul 23, 2012
A Sandusky man was arrested for driving under the influence after deputies found his car about 25 feet from the road early Saturday morning.
3:32 PM Jul 23, 2012
Q: I am just wondering why Strub Rd was widened to include a turning lane, when clearly Route 4 going north and South is where the problem is. I work at a Medical Facility on Rte 4 and I have to give myself about 15 min. extra just to get through the light. - Michelle from Huron
2:04 PM Jul 23, 2012
Ohio drivers can expect to pay a little bit more at the pump this week.
2:00 PM Jul 23, 2012
A Danbury Township man and a Bloomdale, Ohio, couple all suffered serious injures in a crash on Ohio 269 near Von Glahn Road on Sunday afternoon.
11:39 AM Jul 23, 2012
Excerpt from the Viewpoint editorial in the today's Register, July 23, 2012: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 1,022 convenience store clerks were murdered in the line of duty form 1997 to 2010 in robberies and other crimes. That's almost twice as many killed than the number of police officers murdered in the line of duty during the same period.
10:48 AM Jul 23, 2012

Excerpt from Westerhold's Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register:

Sandusky County Prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt did have a sense of urgency; he seems to have decided it was urgently necessary to make the matter go away.

10:47 AM Jul 23, 2012
Neighbors of the Vermilion Fish and Game Association claim in a lawsuit that the repetitive shooting -- sometimes up to 200 rounds an hour -- caused them permanent hearing loss and lowered their property values.
10:46 AM Jul 23, 2012
The following is the weekly construction update provided by the Ohio Department of Tranportation
10:46 AM Jul 23, 2012
Take 30 chefs from across the country, including headliner Robert Irvine, seemingly endless dishes with countless fresh ingredients straight from the garden, throw in a few glasses of wine and exclusive items for auction, and what do you get?
10:44 AM Jul 23, 2012
Authorities say a central Ohio man who uses a wheelchair fatally shot a man who broke into his home.
10:40 AM Jul 23, 2012