This past week has been great! What a busy weekend it was for me again, but I did enjoy myself and had fun.

2:50 PM May 1, 2012
An Erie County grand jury has indicted a Norwalk woman who allegedly scammed her boss out of $15,000 last year.
12:33 PM May 1, 2012
The following is a statement from Nicole Ard regarding her recent decision to dismiss two Sandusky police officers.
12:24 PM May 1, 2012
Q: Are there any plans to restore the Camp Street underpass? It is falling apart and looks horrible and possibly dangerous to pedestrians. The Hayes Ave. underpass was redone a year or so ago and it looks great. I was wondering if there was anything like that in the works for Camp St. Thanks. -Amy from Sandusky
12:00 PM May 1, 2012

From a productivity standpoint, this has been my most frustrating week of the competition.

11:03 AM May 1, 2012
A new tugboat constructed by the Great Lakes Shipyard will be named in Cleveland before shipping out to its new home in Puerto Rico.
10:57 AM May 1, 2012
Board members at Sandusky Schools have placed treasurer Kevin Robertson on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into alleged misconduct.
10:57 AM May 1, 2012
A family owning several Cedar Point Chaussee properties isn't adverse to filing a lawsuit if the city prohibits them from renting homes to tourists.
10:56 AM May 1, 2012
Local Flavor Everybody has an opinion
6:33 AM May 1, 2012
Excerpt from Tuesday's editorial Viewpoint, "Meeting Ouimet." While this year's new attractions at Cedar Point may not measure up to former CEO Dick Kinzel's bold world record-breaking rides, give Ouimet time.
6:16 AM May 1, 2012
Prosecutors and defense attorneys are sparring over whether father-and-son suspects in beard- and hair-cutting attacks against fellow Amish are a threat to the community and should remain in jail pending trial.
6:00 AM May 1, 2012

Excerpt from "Between the Lines" opinion page column, Sunday, April 29, 2012:

3:44 AM May 1, 2012
Ohio cousins feuding over ownership of Civil War artifacts plan to ask whether the items could be displayed at a Veterans Affairs clinic being built near Toledo.
8:07 PM Apr 30, 2012