Obama's tarnished health care law at a crossroads.
6:00 PM Dec 31, 2013
Hospitalizations for flu have jumped in Ohio, prompting health authorities to warn that everyone should get a flu shot if they don’t have one already.
5:59 PM Dec 31, 2013
Lady Pirates end year with win
4:31 PM Dec 31, 2013
Sandusky police commanders believe a looming deficit could severely handcuff operations.
4:06 PM Dec 31, 2013
Seven public housing complexes in Toledo are going smoke-free starting Wednesday.
3:56 PM Dec 31, 2013
Regulations meant to crack down on puppy mills in Ohio will require licenses for breeders and clean cages for dogs.
3:01 PM Dec 31, 2013
This past week has been like any other when it has come to learning.  Slipping back into back habits is extremely easy.  It takes a strong determination to get out of those bad habits.  Sometimes getting out of those habits takes quite a bit of time.  Week  or months are sometimes needed to take...
3:00 PM Dec 31, 2013
In the tradition of Andy Rooney on the 60 Minutes show, here are my predictions for front page newspaper articles for 2014:
In January and February there will be much talk about the City of Sandusky’s budget. With much concern about the “carry over.”
3:00 PM Dec 31, 2013
Bellevue hunter still battling ODNR in court.
2:57 PM Dec 31, 2013
Cleveland finished season 4-12
2:50 PM Dec 31, 2013
A state patrol report said the boy fell out of the van, which then ran over him.
1:51 PM Dec 31, 2013
Rare collectibles are not sold, but given away to those who receive certificate
1:00 PM Dec 31, 2013
A Sandusky teenager was arrested late Sunday night after he allegedly commandeered a woman’s vehicle without her permission.
12:43 PM Dec 31, 2013
After dipping below the $3 mark at many stations just before the holidays, Ohio gas prices have shot back up to end 2013.
11:54 AM Dec 31, 2013