A man found dead of an apparent suicide in an Alaska jail was not only suspected of killing an Anchorage barista but may be linked to seven other possible slayings around the country, investigators said.
5:42 PM Dec 3, 2012
Four men were charged after a bar fight that ended with the victim's face bashed by a beer bottle early Sunday morning.
4:00 PM Dec 3, 2012
Two Erie County inmates teamed up to beat down a suspected murderer Sunday inside the Erie County jail.
3:50 PM Dec 3, 2012
This has been a rather interesting past week, as at one time or another every member of the household was sick.   I ended up leaving work early Nov. 26, missed work on Tuesday as well.  I’m not exactly sure what was wrong, but it sure seemed like I had the flu (which was interesting, as I had...
3:14 PM Dec 3, 2012
The Digital Age has finally made it to the Erie County Court Clerk’s Office.
2:00 PM Dec 3, 2012
Injection drilling in Ohio hasn't met the initial expectations of state officials this year, due to lower natural gas prices and a backlog in the work needed to connect the wells to customers.
1:00 PM Dec 3, 2012
Gas prices are down this week in Ohio.
10:56 AM Dec 3, 2012
Attention all lady Funcoasters, mark your calendars on Wednesday, December 5 for the annual ladies-only event at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center, “Just Us Girls.” You will not want to miss it.
10:20 AM Dec 3, 2012
At Miami International Airport, two large signs warn drivers of large vehicles not to pass beneath the 8-foot-6 inch concrete overpass.
9:00 AM Dec 3, 2012
Here's the thing about decorating for Christmas. It should be fun. It should be an occasion. It should involve delicious food.
8:05 AM Dec 3, 2012
The horrific death of 3-year-old Michael Wasserman in 1990 is not easily forgotten.
8:00 AM Dec 3, 2012
The first book printed in what would become the United States was a Puritan hymnal of psalms, sturdy enough that 11 copies that came off a wooden Cambridge press in 1640 still exist.
6:00 AM Dec 3, 2012
The following school districts are on a two-hour delay schedule:
5:24 AM Dec 3, 2012