The owner of DJ’s Sports Bar was charged with disorderly conduct early Sunday morning for failing to contact Sandusky police after a large fight broke out in his parking lot and five gunshots were fired, police said.
9:09 AM Dec 30, 2013
MLB's A's seek new home.
9:00 AM Dec 30, 2013
Griffing Flying Service set to move to Port Clinton
8:57 AM Dec 30, 2013
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7:23 AM Dec 30, 2013
Ohio prison shop meets demand for specialty plates.
6:00 AM Dec 30, 2013

Sandusky County coroner John Wukie is stuck between a hair trigger and a rock. The gun that killed Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012, has the hair trigger; Wukie’s ruling on the cause of death is the rock.

5:59 AM Dec 30, 2013
Federal health market surpasses 1 million signups.
8:00 PM Dec 29, 2013
Cars must slow down, shift lanes for construction and maintenance vehicles.
7:10 PM Dec 29, 2013
A Sandusky man is behind bars for allegedly lying about his identity to a Perkins police officer early Saturday.
6:26 PM Dec 29, 2013
Sales begin amid uncertainty in Colorado.
6:00 PM Dec 29, 2013
A Sandusky man was arrested early Saturday morning after allegedly assaulting a woman and her mother inside his Warren Street home.
5:35 PM Dec 29, 2013
Power lifting is the hobby and sport of lifting as much weight as possible in three different lifts. These lifts are the bench press, deadlift and back squat. The sport has weight classes, and there are some “natural classes” (a.k.a. drug free). Many people are drawn to the sport because it seems...
4:40 PM Dec 29, 2013
A Sandusky man was arrested on domestic violence charges after a Friday afternoon argument with his children’s mother allegedly turned physical.
4:24 PM Dec 29, 2013
A Lorain man was arrested for drug trafficking early Friday morning after Perkins police discovered marijuana inside his car during a traffic stop, police said.
4:20 PM Dec 29, 2013