Budget projections show Sandusky, by early next year, having about a $1 million deficit in the $16 million 2014 budget.
10:27 AM Dec 2, 2013
Ida Rupp Library offers free children’s theater production.
9:28 AM Dec 2, 2013
Welcome to the 21st century, Erie County Municipal Court.
9:25 AM Dec 2, 2013
Although U.S. citizens, territory residents denied right to vote
9:00 AM Dec 2, 2013
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7:30 AM Dec 2, 2013
Sandusky officials are considering replacing every single water meter in the city.
7:28 AM Dec 2, 2013
Officials plan to yank liquor license for tavern that hasn’t paid smoking violation fines
7:18 AM Dec 2, 2013
Project OK'd by state violated 11 city ordinances
6:00 AM Dec 2, 2013

Where is the line drawn?

4:30 AM Dec 2, 2013
Family wants state to hold gun for review of its design flaw
12:01 AM Dec 2, 2013
Shoppers, on average, are expected to spend $407.02 during the four days, down 3.9 percent from last year
8:00 PM Dec 1, 2013
‘A Holiday Playland’ features learning activities for kids
6:55 PM Dec 1, 2013
I recently read an article making an analogy of music and language. If you know how to read musical notation, you’re actually reading two things simultaneously. Written music tells you what note to play and when to play it.
6:36 PM Dec 1, 2013
Forget “Black Friday.” Think “Cyber Monday” and support local businesses at firelandsdeals.com.
6:24 PM Dec 1, 2013
State monitors population to protect herd while also limiting car-deer crashes, crop damage
6:00 PM Dec 1, 2013