We see with some regularity banks sending statements to our clients claiming that they owe more on their mortgage than they in fact do. When this happens, it is most likely due to the bank’s failure to credit homeowners with the payments they’ve made.

11:03 AM Dec 13, 2012
It's been about a year since she allegedly smothered a puppy to death, but a Berlin Heights woman could finally get her day in court.
10:00 AM Dec 13, 2012
Ohio's governor wants to use the state's toll road that links the East Coast with the Midwest to raise up to $3 billion for road projects, closing a gaping hole in the state's highway budget.
9:05 AM Dec 13, 2012
Get your “Grinch” on with two free showings of the 2000 movie version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” starring Jim Carrey.
8:48 AM Dec 13, 2012
Let's get the hard part out of the way. This week, I'm suggesting you eat something most people spend the better part of their adult lives trying to eradicate from their lawns.
6:58 AM Dec 13, 2012
More people moved out of Ohio again last year than moved into the state, but an improving economy in (backslash) is helping to close the gap, a newspaper reported Thursday.
6:07 AM Dec 13, 2012
Perkins police have partnered with Walmart to collect donations for charity this holiday season.
5:13 AM Dec 13, 2012
Ohio's governor is ready to unveil his plans for making new money from the Ohio Turnpike.
8:01 PM Dec 12, 2012
Here is a look at the landscape in some Rust Belt states that have pushed for right-to-work plans in recent years — some successfully, others not:
6:03 PM Dec 12, 2012

Q: I’m 22 and have never had a boyfriend. I've been told that I'm attractive, but there hasn't been a guy in my life who has told me he likes me. Likewise, I have never really liked anyone. I was never the boy crazy type. Is this abnormal?

2:57 PM Dec 12, 2012
The remains of a wooden steamer built 125 years ago recently were uncovered in West Michigan because of lower Great Lakes water levels.
2:02 PM Dec 12, 2012
A Port Clinton man faces decades in prison if he's convicted of 37 counts of rape for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor victim for three years.
1:00 PM Dec 12, 2012