Company will try to catch up with rivals Apple, Google and Amazon, which have built thriving ecosystems for mobile devices
9:00 AM Feb 5, 2014
City of Sandusky urges residents to keep water running.
8:45 AM Feb 5, 2014
A Lakeside Marblehead man caused pandemonium Sunday morning in a Milan Township motel, where he destroyed an office and allegedly used scissors to threaten a front desk clerk.
8:12 AM Feb 5, 2014
“(The victim) is suffering from bleeding of the brain. He was removed from a ventilator today.”
8:08 AM Feb 5, 2014
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7:30 AM Feb 5, 2014
Republicans seize on the fact only 2 percent of protected species have been declared recovered, despite billions in federal and state spending
6:00 AM Feb 5, 2014
Taxi cab drivers in Columbus are tired of cleaning up after drunk people who vomit in their vehicles.
9:23 PM Feb 4, 2014
Faces corruption, theft charges; DeWine wants him removed from office
8:47 PM Feb 4, 2014
An 11-year-old Fremont boy landed criminal charges Monday after he swore at his teachers and ransacked his classroom at North Point Educational Service Center on Columbus Avenue.
8:28 PM Feb 4, 2014
The Midwest's severe winter weather has caused communities to expend large amounts of their road salt supplies
8:00 PM Feb 4, 2014
More than 40 iPhones went missing from the Sprint kiosk inside the Sandusky Mall this weekend.
7:43 PM Feb 4, 2014
Keep checking back for updates. Email your closures to or call 419-625-5500, ext. 5.
6:38 PM Feb 4, 2014
Thomas Ricks, of Detroit, was convicted of Harper’s murder in 2010 and sentenced to life in prison.
6:31 PM Feb 4, 2014
The city of Columbus has spent $723,000 trying to get rid of the rotten taste and smell of its drinking water.
6:18 PM Feb 4, 2014
In its 10 years of existence, the social networking site has transformed how much of the world communicates
6:00 PM Feb 4, 2014