Historic smoking report marks 50th anniversary.
1:00 PM Jan 5, 2014
Police searched a man Thursday evening, arresting him with his pants down and his underwear halfway off after they found crack and heroin.
12:14 PM Jan 5, 2014
Put-in-Bay police chief's Facebook friend defends the badge
12:10 PM Jan 5, 2014
It’s a new year and a new world, and I’m not sure how much I like it.
11:06 AM Jan 5, 2014
Sandusky County coroner John Wukie won't change suicide ruling despite evidence death was accidental
10:10 AM Jan 5, 2014
35-year-old receives charges after boarding Goodtime I to retrieve pet bird
9:56 AM Jan 5, 2014
Experts warn of frostbite, dead batteries in cold.
9:00 AM Jan 5, 2014
“It’s a matter of cooperation and collaboration among the agencies in the county”
8:45 AM Jan 5, 2014
Carleton forwards racially insensitive letter to others.
7:36 AM Jan 5, 2014
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7:30 AM Jan 5, 2014
However, the Secretary of State acknowledged some disputes between Israelis and Palestinians were unsolved after more than 20 rounds of negotiations.
6:00 AM Jan 5, 2014
Obama eyes modest momentum on Capitol Hill in 2014.
8:00 PM Jan 4, 2014
All three Ottawa County courts will delay opening until noon Monday, in anticipation of the inclement weather.
6:31 PM Jan 4, 2014
Potential record-low temperatures heighten fears of frostbite and hypothermia
6:00 PM Jan 4, 2014
Perkins High School will host its annual college Financial Aid Night Jan. 7.
5:51 PM Jan 4, 2014