My topic this week is how Perkins Township has paid for their new township hall.

10:59 AM Mar 12, 2013
A gay athlete? Now is the time for a star to speak up
10:30 AM Mar 12, 2013
A 28-year-old man is in jail on attempted murder charges after shooting at the mother of his child inside her Alger Street home. Fremont police said three shots fired; make quick arrest.
10:00 AM Mar 12, 2013

Excerpt: We were disappointed a few years ago when the Sandusky city commission declined to place a charter amendment on the ballot recommended by the city’s Charter Review committee to increase the pay rate for city commissioners.

9:30 AM Mar 12, 2013
Members mulled new ideas from the city’s public works committee about residential street repair work and reviewed the fourth wave of improvements slated for U.S. 224.
9:00 AM Mar 12, 2013
White smoke or black smoke? Maybe it's easier just to wait for a text message that a new pope has been elected.
8:30 AM Mar 12, 2013
FREMONT — Police suspect a body discovered Sunday are the remains of missing man.
8:00 AM Mar 12, 2013
Job fair March 19 with potential employers from across three counties
7:30 AM Mar 12, 2013
A compilation of recent comments at
6:30 AM Mar 12, 2013
With a decision from city manager Nicole Ard expected any day, one of three finalists for the top cop job in Sandusky has bowed out.
5:00 AM Mar 12, 2013
Deputies don't anticipate suspect will agree to talk
8:46 PM Mar 11, 2013
A Sunday stroll along Old Woman Creek turned up some old bones
7:39 PM Mar 11, 2013
Read the referee's report here from a state department of education hearing officer who delivered a 53-page report this morning that appears to exonerate fired Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox.
2:15 PM Mar 11, 2013
Long-time city manager job hunting
1:08 PM Mar 11, 2013