A thief who made off with cash from a Salvation Army red kettle at a northern Ohio mall this week apparently has had a change of heart.
8:09 PM Dec 6, 2012

If you had passed out while in your car waiting in the drive-through line at the Taco Bell, chances are local police would have tracked you down and filed a police report regarding their interaction with you. 

7:15 PM Dec 6, 2012
The payday lender Cash America says about 14,000 customers in Ohio who've been taken to court for not paying their debts are going to get money back because some employees didn't prepare the legal paperwork properly.
6:05 PM Dec 6, 2012
Web hits have fallen at the Erie County visitor and convention bureau website, leaving local tourism officials scrambling to breathe new life into the site.
4:03 PM Dec 6, 2012

We kicked off our Holiday Giving series of Between the Lines with Tara Ohlemacher and Amanda Santiago from Kinship. They told us about their fundraiser during the holidays.

3:54 PM Dec 6, 2012
Ohio investigators found improper use of college interns, among other violations of procedures, by a private adoption agency that helped place children with an adoptive father accused of raping three boys in his care.
3:05 PM Dec 6, 2012
I had Thanksgiving weekend off and always seem to gain weight when that happens. What made it worse was that I got an email from FIT editor Brandi that it was my turn to get weighed this week; I thought it would be Keisa White, another contestant.   There is no way I was going to get weighed...
2:23 PM Dec 6, 2012
A 34-year-old Castalia man died sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning in a crash on Old Railroad Road.
2:01 PM Dec 6, 2012
Taking in lights and decorations is one of the best parts of the holiday season. It’s always fun to drive around neighborhoods and ooh and aah at all of the decorated homes. To help you with your search of light displays to view we have listed a few locations where you enjoy some great Christmas lights.
1:30 PM Dec 6, 2012
At about 450 pounds, Ohio death row inmate Ronald Post is so fat that his executioners won't be able to find veins in his arms or legs for the lethal injection, and he might even break the death chamber gurney, his lawyers say.
1:03 PM Dec 6, 2012

Recently, we were approached by George, who has struggled with his mortgage since 2004. George fell behind at that time because his wife had medical problems, with corresponding exorbitant medical expenses.

11:01 AM Dec 6, 2012
Ohio is moving toward shutting down hundreds of storefront gambling operations that have sprouted up in strip malls and vacant stores, offering computer games that operate like slot machines with cash prizes.
9:00 AM Dec 6, 2012
Prevent shinsplints, a common injury for walkers and runners, with this stretch.
8:30 AM Dec 6, 2012
Huron officials and a major local employer are accelerating toward a less restrictive roadway.
8:01 AM Dec 6, 2012