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7:30 AM Jun 12, 2013
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6:30 AM Jun 12, 2013
The Obama administration's appeal in the legal fight over morning-after pills has been officially put on hold until a judge weighs a new plan to allow girls of all ages to buy the contraceptives without a prescription, according to a government letter filed Tuesday.
6:00 AM Jun 12, 2013
Scare closed down Route 2 Tuesday.
5:00 AM Jun 12, 2013
He led Seneca County deputies on a high-speed motorcycle chase Sunday afternoon, with the pursuit ending at a Sandusky County home.
2:30 PM Jun 11, 2013

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Huron Police


May 29, 2013

10:40 p.m. — 100 block Laguna Drive, 51-year-old woman screamed because she couldn’t find cigarettes and phone. 
1:30 PM Jun 11, 2013
Troopers had closed off Ohio 2 between Ohio 61 and Ohio 60 because of a possible pipe bomb
11:56 AM Jun 11, 2013

My topic this week is about city projects moving at a snail’s pace.

The city projects are moving so slowly that I have to wonder if the projects have come to a complete halt.

11:10 AM Jun 11, 2013
Prominent Norwalk businessman in court faces an animal cruelty charge after he allegedly tossed several newborn kittens into garbage can.
10:00 AM Jun 11, 2013
At least a dozen large-caliber rifles were stolen recently from a Surf Drive home, according to Huron police reports.
9:30 AM Jun 11, 2013
After spending the last seven decades in Italy, a World War II-era Jeep returned home to Toledo last week, 70 years to the day after it rolled off the production line.
9:00 AM Jun 11, 2013