A Sandusky man tried to steal two lobsters from Kroger early Friday morning by stashing them inside his coat, according to a police report.
11:49 AM Jan 11, 2014
Jeff Thomas scores 1,000th point, Truckers winning streak hits 54
11:40 AM Jan 11, 2014
Former OSU coach said he'd like to work in NFL
11:30 AM Jan 11, 2014
Nic Williams connects on two free throws with seven seconds left in win
10:35 AM Jan 11, 2014
Ohio Attorney General releases more documents from troubled probe; click here to read deposition
9:05 AM Jan 11, 2014
Schizophrenic woman was kept nude inside an observational jail cell for six hours as deputies encouraged her to perform lewd acts
9:05 AM Jan 11, 2014
Obama administration considering to remove special protections that guarantee seniors access to a wide selection of three types of drugs.
9:00 AM Jan 11, 2014
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7:30 AM Jan 11, 2014
Officials say students view harassment as almost accepted behavior
6:00 AM Jan 11, 2014
Here is a way to indulge in something sweet that has some nutritional value. I was not sure of black bean brownies, but I knew they were good when I gave one to my son and he ate it and liked it. It is just as easy to make as a regular brownie and in my view just as good. Give them a try. You won’t...
11:10 PM Jan 10, 2014
Companies must publish full-page ads in 35 Sunday newspapers
8:00 PM Jan 10, 2014
Conservation groups eye lawsuit to halt project
7:21 PM Jan 10, 2014
White House issues a federal disaster declaration in West Virginia, where a chemical spill in the Elk River may have contaminated tap water.
6:00 PM Jan 10, 2014
City analyzes recent accomplishments to enhance community.
5:38 PM Jan 10, 2014
Sandusky police responded to a scuffle between ex-girlfriends outside of Crowbar late Wednesday night.
5:08 PM Jan 10, 2014