Officials: Memorial Hospital will remain a local facility.
11:18 AM Jan 4, 2014
Perkins firefighters extinguished a stove fire Thursday in the 6200 block of Zachary Lane after a woman’s repeated attempts to douse it with a fire extinguisher failed.
10:28 AM Jan 4, 2014
This snowstorm sequel, coming soon to a north-central Ohio community near you, is expected to be just as brutal as its predecessor was earlier this week.
10:11 AM Jan 4, 2014
General Society Survey is conducted once every two years
9:00 AM Jan 4, 2014
Whole milk, cheese and hot dogs are contributing to excessive saturated fat and sodium in children's diets
8:40 AM Jan 4, 2014
Brady selected as vice mayor
8:26 AM Jan 4, 2014
Bob Carleton said it was meant as a joke.
8:16 AM Jan 4, 2014
for Sunday, Jan. 4
7:35 AM Jan 4, 2014
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7:31 AM Jan 4, 2014
... Although demand for new vehicles is expected to slow
6:00 AM Jan 4, 2014
New Division of Watercraft chief chose profession early.
5:57 AM Jan 4, 2014
Snowy owl irruption allows people to see a ‘life bird.’
9:06 PM Jan 3, 2014
Some revelers start celebrating in bars, wind up behind bars
8:00 PM Jan 3, 2014
Snowfall slows, but temperatures hit single digits
8:00 PM Jan 3, 2014
Concert will be Sunday at St. Mary's Church.
6:10 PM Jan 3, 2014