The following dogs are available for adoption from the Erie County Dog Pound.
2:00 PM Jun 8, 2012
The State Highway Patrol is trying to get more Ohio troopers ready, with staffing already down and retirements looming.
12:48 PM Jun 8, 2012
After busting a pair of alleged burglars last week, Huron police are trying to find the owners of the loot recovered from the suspects' home.
12:29 PM Jun 8, 2012
An Erie County judge has sentenced a Norwalk woman to four years in prison for raping two children. Katherine Schaffer, 23, has already begun serving her sentence at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville.
11:47 AM Jun 8, 2012

This week we check in with Blue Butterfly blogger Lindsay Deering, who is still struggling to gain control of her depression after losing one of her newborn twins earlier this year.


11:29 AM Jun 8, 2012
Authorities in eastern Ohio have arrested a man suspected of stealing more than 100 brass plaques and markers from veterans' graves to sell them as scrap metal.
10:31 AM Jun 8, 2012
Davis-Besse nuclear plant workers on Thursday were investigating what caused a pinhole-size leak found the previous evening spraying radioactive coolant, plant operators said.
10:15 AM Jun 8, 2012
A dog bit a Sandusky boy at least five times Monday in an alley behind Reese Street, according to a police report.
10:14 AM Jun 8, 2012

 This week Emil & Andy discuss all-things motorcycles and we even take a peek out from the fourth floor of the Sandusky Register building to see the set up for Ohio Bike Week.

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11:33 PM Jun 7, 2012
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a voluminous overhaul of state tax policy and seven other bills.
5:00 PM Jun 7, 2012
A Cleveland man missing since noon Monday was found late Wednesday in Sandusky.
3:10 PM Jun 7, 2012
Call it spring's fever. Federal records show the U.S. just finished its hottest spring on record.
2:30 PM Jun 7, 2012
At 118 miles per gallon, the Honda Fit electric vehicle is the most fuel-efficient in the United States. But getting that mileage isn't cheap - and it isn't always good for the environment.
1:00 PM Jun 7, 2012