As soon as she read the news, Mary Helen Taft went straight from her computer to her closet, pulling out a gray jacket that, until that moment, she had thought was an elaborate costume.
3:10 PM Dec 24, 2012
A report calls some changes to Ohio's youth prison system a model for the nation while highlighting continuing problems in the system with gang violence, education classes and medical care.
1:32 PM Dec 24, 2012
From his toy-cluttered Brooklyn apartment, the man in the red suit was making his list and checking it twice. But he made no distinction between naughty or nice: Every child on it would receive a gift from this Santa Claus.
1:06 PM Dec 24, 2012
In eight weeks, frenzied Habitat for Humanity volunteers pieced together an entire house from the ground up.
11:00 AM Dec 24, 2012
Reindeer won't be pulling the sleighs at the Rutherford B. Hayes Center this week.
10:00 AM Dec 24, 2012
The text from Sister Diane at St. Ignatius Martyr church was as odd as it was urgent: "A man is going to call. You must answer the phone."
9:00 AM Dec 24, 2012
Try these foods before you turn to cholesterol-lowering drugs.
7:09 AM Dec 24, 2012
Will Santa's sleigh be late?
6:01 AM Dec 24, 2012
Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill that gets rid of mayor's courts in several Ohio small towns, including a much-loathed speed trap in the Cleveland area, but spares courts at Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island.
5:00 AM Dec 24, 2012
Four months after knee surgery, Ann Wright dances in the streets
3:00 PM Dec 23, 2012
A peculiar sort of alchemy takes place each Christmas season in Pennsylvania coal country, where skilled practitioners huddle over big pots of steaming liquid, coaxing a potent but soothing elixir from secret recipes handed down through the generations.
1:15 PM Dec 23, 2012
An Erie County grand jury could weigh in next month on the county's investigation into an 18-month-old child's death in Vermilion Township.
11:00 AM Dec 23, 2012
Dozens of Minnesota Scandinavians and the people who love them flock to the VFW Club in Litchfield every Thursday from November through January, where a $20 bill will get you a big steaming hunk of the frequently mocked fish dish known as lutefisk.
9:01 AM Dec 23, 2012