Can you say, "Glad it's almost over?" The second half of the year has got to be harder than the first six months. All the holidays that you have to watch what you eat. Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween with all the candy, Thanksgiving, and last but not least the whole Christmas season with...
2:22 PM Dec 20, 2012
For such a small community, a year marred with seven homicides does more than raise an eyebrow.
2:00 PM Dec 20, 2012
A developer says a second outlet mall complex is planned for a fast-growing area of central Ohio.
1:02 PM Dec 20, 2012

In the world of securitized mortgage loan defense, I’ve found from past experience that I will never be able to say that I’ve seen it all. That is because something new and surprising always seems to be lurking around every corner.

10:58 AM Dec 20, 2012
The U.S. government's foray into the car business is slowly coming to an end.
9:02 AM Dec 20, 2012
Victoria Kurt and Amanda Smith Rasnick don't go fishing themselves, but that hasn't stopped them from reeling in big fishing tournaments and bringing them to Sandusky.
8:01 AM Dec 20, 2012
Yoga has been recognized for centuries throughout much of the world as a path to living a full life of spiritual, mental and physical well-being.
7:27 AM Dec 20, 2012
A former high school basketball coach who pleaded guilty to videotaping boys in a locker room shower was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years in prison and ordered to give $5,000 to the Connecticut community where a gunman killed 26 people.
6:01 AM Dec 20, 2012
I am safe — More than five years ago, this was the first line of a message scrawled on big, yellow construction-paper hands placed all throughout Bethlehem Elementary School in Bethlehem, Conn.
5:01 AM Dec 20, 2012
“A Christmas Story” is on just about everyone’s list of classic Christmas movies. For many families it is a holiday tradition to watch the movie together on or around Christmas day. This year, instead of just watching it on your TV screen, you can head out to The State Theatre and see it live on stage.
10:00 PM Dec 19, 2012
A storm that has dumped more than a foot of snow in the Rocky Mountains could cause headaches for travelers as it tracks into the Midwest and Great Lakes region.
9:01 PM Dec 19, 2012
A central Ohio man has been granted early release after serving eight months of a four-year prison sentence for concealing a stop sign with petroleum jelly and plastic wrap in a prank that led to a fatal crash.
8:17 PM Dec 19, 2012
Ohio will expand safety training for educators across the state to reflect the reality that those inside a school are the first to face danger when a gunman enters a school building, the state attorney general and Ohio's top education official announced Wednesday.
6:02 PM Dec 19, 2012
The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a winter weather advisory for much of Northwest Ohio effective until 7 p.m. Friday
5:31 PM Dec 19, 2012