President says he wasn't naive about the odds for a successful final agreement between world powers and Iran next year.
9:00 AM Dec 8, 2013
A family and a community came together Saturday evening in grief and support. (Updated with video)
8:45 AM Dec 8, 2013
First calculate your BMI
8:01 AM Dec 8, 2013
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7:30 AM Dec 8, 2013
Doctors report they can transform patients' blood cells into soldiers that seek and destroy cancer.
6:00 AM Dec 8, 2013
French recognize Ohio veterans for service in World War II
5:54 AM Dec 8, 2013
Couple married for just three weeks stabbed man because "they just wanted to murder someone together"
8:00 PM Dec 7, 2013
About 50 survivors return to Pearl Harbor.
6:00 PM Dec 7, 2013
Security cameras nearby may have recorded George Martin's killers fleeing scene
5:33 PM Dec 7, 2013
They are also so easy your husband could make them
5:20 PM Dec 7, 2013
Sandusky native, now 88, recalls Pearl Harbor bombing and time aboard USS California
5:19 PM Dec 7, 2013
The Fender Stratocaster Bob Dylan plugged in at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival sold for the highest price ever paid for a guitar at auction.
1:00 PM Dec 7, 2013
The practice of trading beer doesn't bother most brewers, But buying beer, marking up the price and selling it is another matter.
9:00 AM Dec 7, 2013
Start by avoiding the vending machines
8:01 AM Dec 7, 2013