Three Cincinnati teens who said they severely beat a man on the street because they were bored have been sentenced to various periods of confinement in juvenile facilities.
10:09 PM Feb 15, 2014
More conservative states could approve same-sex unions.
8:00 PM Feb 15, 2014
The plan, contained in a document released to The Associated Press, anticipated the “eco-left” would try to slant news coverage, incite public panic over health risks and physically halt drilling.
7:17 PM Feb 15, 2014
Police put out a bulletin on the stolen goods: a white 1993 Ford F-350, which had a black flatbed carrying a red 1-ton salt hopper and a motorized salt spreader, according to the report.
6:00 PM Feb 15, 2014
Calif. wine-grape growers celebrate bumper crop
6:00 PM Feb 15, 2014
“We had to pay our bills. The problem isn’t the debt ceiling; it’s the debt”
5:18 PM Feb 15, 2014
Suspect questioned multiple times on past sexual abuse accusations
5:15 PM Feb 15, 2014
Vehicles ticketed or towed when illegally parked during snowy weather
5:05 PM Feb 15, 2014
Two students at a private, liberal arts college in northeast Ohio are going to jail for operating a drug lab.
4:04 PM Feb 15, 2014
Group blames ice for drop in coal shipments across Great Lakes
3:30 PM Feb 15, 2014
The Copenhagen Zoo said it killed a 2-year-old giraffe to prevent inbreeding. The carcass was butchered in front of a crowd.
3:21 PM Feb 15, 2014
Kasich's safety commissioner refuses further comment
1:30 PM Feb 15, 2014
Huron sewer and Patten Tract Road to get improvements
1:09 PM Feb 15, 2014
Jimmy Fallon to take over hosting duties.
1:00 PM Feb 15, 2014
This past week started out a little rough, FIT Challenge-wise.  Work and weather took over the beginning of the week.  I was scheduled to workout with Hannah Riely of Norwalk Rec on Feb. 3, but worked 14 hours at work instead.  When I got home, my husband, Christian, helped me get a quick workout...
12:30 PM Feb 15, 2014