Agency able to give raises, add services without increasing taxes.
12:34 PM Dec 11, 2013
Ricci storms out of meeting after decision delayed.
12:22 PM Dec 11, 2013
A Sandusky woman was arrested Monday evening after she allegedly stole a woman’s tomato, then threatened her while holding a knife. Her friend was then arrested after he tried to run from officers.
11:39 AM Dec 11, 2013
Legislators must OK bill in order for benefits to continue for another year.
11:30 AM Dec 11, 2013
But overall deer harvest drop reflects decline in population, state wildlife officials say
11:19 AM Dec 11, 2013
Semi overturned on Ohio 2 near Rye Beach Road in Huron. Eastbound traffic diverted from the scene.
10:37 AM Dec 11, 2013
Findlay Schools has narrowed its superintendent applicants to three finalists, and Margaretta Schools superintendent Ed Kurt is still in the running.
10:13 AM Dec 11, 2013
Inequality still exists for women in mid-30s and older
9:00 AM Dec 11, 2013
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7:30 AM Dec 11, 2013
Mary Barra is the first woman to lead a U.S. car company
6:00 AM Dec 11, 2013
A regular walking program is an easy way to improve your fitness level, manage your weight and help prevent disease. It's amazing that simply putting one foot in front of the other—and doing it over and over again—can have so many health benefits. But by all accounts, walking—plain old cheap, safe...
5:01 AM Dec 11, 2013
El Da’ Sheon Nix, a standout Sandusky athlete in the 1990s, worked his way to success in college athletics — then landed a coveted spot as a leader in inner-city Chicago.
7:31 PM Dec 10, 2013
El Da’Sheon Nix, a standout athlete, made the most of his opportunities.
6:40 PM Dec 10, 2013