The Department of Justice is seeking a permanent injunction against the nation's largest organic peanut butter plant, an eastern New Mexico facility that has been linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened 42 people in 20 states this fall.
3:18 PM Dec 22, 2012
A businessman who died last year at age 87 has left more than $14 million in his will to the Cleveland Clinic for cardiovascular research.
11:00 AM Dec 22, 2012
Recent studies explore the relationship between eggs and cholesterol levels.
6:50 AM Dec 22, 2012
A former U.S. Postal Service worker has pleaded guilty to charges accusing him of stealing cash and gift cards from mail at a central Ohio processing center and assaulting officers.
6:00 AM Dec 22, 2012
Dogs may be man's best friend, but apparently they don't have enough friends in the Ohio Senate.
5:02 AM Dec 22, 2012
The Ohio governor is sending $1 million more in state money to Ohio food banks just before Christmas.
8:01 PM Dec 21, 2012
Ohio's unemployment rate continued its slow downward march in November, state officials reported Friday.
6:01 PM Dec 21, 2012
The Listening Room is having a special New Year's Eve concert and party with musical guests Mike Willis, Mickey Kelley, Matt Rogers and Forest Miller.
5:10 PM Dec 21, 2012

Here is this week’s edition of Futures File, our weekly commodities wrap-up:

4:02 PM Dec 21, 2012
Customers seeking spiritual help have a new store to meet their needs.
3:00 PM Dec 21, 2012
The following cats are available for adoption from the Erie County Humane Society.
2:02 PM Dec 21, 2012
Following last week's carnage at a Connecticut elementary school -- where a man used an assault rifle to blast his way into the building and gun down 20 children and six adults -- the Obama administration has already placed the gun debate front and center.
1:47 PM Dec 21, 2012