Quick, name the college football team that has won the most national championships. Alabama? Notre Dame? Princeton?
9:00 AM Dec 31, 2012
New leadership, record revenue of $1.028 billion and high stock distribution were just some of the highlights of a successful year for Cedar Fair.
8:00 AM Dec 31, 2012
This time of year, your calendar is likely to be full of holiday parties, office gatherings, cookie exchanges and family meals.
8:00 AM Dec 31, 2012
It was February, the middle of lunch hour on a busy South Side street. The gunman approached his victim in a White Castle parking lot, shot him in the head, then fled down an alley.
6:01 AM Dec 31, 2012
If you got a new Kindle, Nook or tablet for Christmas, you don't need to spend money to find something to read.
5:03 AM Dec 31, 2012
Community and school swept up in football playoffs
3:00 PM Dec 30, 2012
The emergency 911 lines are still working
1:54 PM Dec 30, 2012
Jessica Fiveash sees nothing wrong with arming teachers. She's one herself, and learned Thursday how to safely use her 9 mm Ruger with a laser sight.
1:01 PM Dec 30, 2012
Northern Ohio's first major snowstorm put a deep freeze on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
11:04 AM Dec 30, 2012
Cleveland has asked the U.S. Justice Department to review the police division's policies after a car chase ended with a barrage of police gunfire and two deaths.
9:01 AM Dec 30, 2012

The good news for residents of Sandusky when it comes to their government: The U.S. Congress is less capable of doing its job than Sandusky city commission is at handling its responsibilities.

But not by much.

6:23 AM Dec 30, 2012
Chevron CEO John Watson notices something important as he visits his company's operations around the globe: Governments everywhere find high energy prices much scarier than the threat of global warming.
6:01 AM Dec 30, 2012