Helps improve heart health, fatigue
12:12 PM Feb 13, 2014
Still viral in Sandusky
12:11 PM Feb 13, 2014
Upon state approval, district will use online assignments for missed class days
11:22 AM Feb 13, 2014
Sandusky Schools has made fundraiser an annual event
10:30 AM Feb 13, 2014
Nic Williams held scoreless in second half, but Pirates roll past Bay
10:25 AM Feb 13, 2014
Veteran GOP politician made clerical error on petition, exploring whether he can run as write-in
10:19 AM Feb 13, 2014
Police dogs typically stop serving when they reach the age of 9 or 10.
9:59 AM Feb 13, 2014
“It was a layer of precaution” Muratori said. “It wasn’t related to the school at all, and there were no threats involved”
9:40 AM Feb 13, 2014
Skeleton was found in 1968, but it's only in recent years that scientists have been able to analyze genomes from ancient samples
9:00 AM Feb 13, 2014

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8:37 AM Feb 13, 2014
National Park Service ranger Rob Whitman, from Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, visited Danbury Schools elementary students Friday for the hands-on history lesson.
8:26 AM Feb 13, 2014
The Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office originally offered $5,000 to anyone with information in the case, but a donor has now offered to match that reward.
7:35 AM Feb 13, 2014
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7:30 AM Feb 13, 2014

Ohio State Patrol commanders in Columbus must be re-thinking their decision to return an Ohio State Patrol trooper to full service after Sandusky County prosecutor TomStierwalt declined to pursue charges against him in an alleged sexual encounter with a child.

7:17 AM Feb 13, 2014