When the "Big One" rocked the East Coast one year ago, the earthquake centered on this rural Virginia town cracked ceiling tiles and damaged two local school buildings so badly that they had to be shuttered for good. Now as the academic year gets under way, students are reciting a new safety mantra: Drop, cover, and hold on.
10:00 AM Aug 24, 2012
Most of the grapes in Glenn Warnebold's vineyard in Missouri's picturesque wine country are about two-thirds of their usual size. Others have been reduced to raisins by the drought that burned up many crops across the Midwest this summer.
6:00 AM Aug 24, 2012
The federal government and McDonald's Corp. suspended purchases of meat Wednesday from a California slaughterhouse under investigation for animal cruelty and possible health issues.
8:00 PM Aug 23, 2012
Early voting hours are the same for the first time across the battleground state of Ohio, but the views are varied.
5:00 PM Aug 23, 2012
Sandusky police and residents collaborated Wednesday to capture an alleged car thief who fled the scene of a crash at Wayne and Adams streets.
3:00 PM Aug 23, 2012

This week on Between the Lines, Managing Editor Matt Westerhold interviews new Sandusky schools Superintendent Eugene Sanders.

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2:20 PM Aug 23, 2012

The Cleveland Indians are in trouble. They are losing over and over again, and dispirited fans are largely staying away.

But if the Dolans or Mark Shapiro will only listen to me, I have figured out a way to save the team.

1:53 PM Aug 23, 2012
Ohio officials want to build a state facility to temporarily house exotic animals seized under a new law that will soon take effect.
1:50 PM Aug 23, 2012
Q: When does HalloWeekends start at Cedar Point this year? And what's going to be new? - Kim in Sandusky
1:48 PM Aug 23, 2012
A Norwalk motorcyclist remains in critical condition at a Toledo hospital after crashing his bike while passing a car Wednesday at Ohio 4 and Bogart Road.
1:19 PM Aug 23, 2012