This school year will be Ed Kurt's last as Margaretta Schools superintendent.
11:55 AM Feb 11, 2014
He allegedly “chopped” her throat then snapped her phone in half as he taunted her about calling police, the report said.
11:33 AM Feb 11, 2014
The Browns fired their coach after one season. Now they're sweeping out their front office.
11:00 AM Feb 11, 2014
Experts are doubting it’s Thomas. What do you think?
10:46 AM Feb 11, 2014
The three are possibly linked to a theft incident.
9:51 AM Feb 11, 2014
A 77-year-old man’s car was stolen when he left it running on the street outside his home Sunday morning.
9:09 AM Feb 11, 2014
Sorbic acid is being replaced by natamycin, which Kraft says is a "natural mold inhibitor"
9:00 AM Feb 11, 2014
Course offerings vary each year, but typically include classes in art, history, fitness, computers, language, math, music, science and more.
8:40 AM Feb 11, 2014
More than 30 firefighters descended on a burning Frailey Road home Monday evening to snuff a blaze that appears to have started in the chimney.
8:32 AM Feb 11, 2014
On February 4, 2014, principals from three local schools were in attendance at the Sandusky Mall to receive monetary rewards for the second session of the 2013 Sandusky Mall School Spirit competition.
8:30 AM Feb 11, 2014
Prosecutor hasn’t returned calls from family seeking answers for 26 years in axe killing
7:36 AM Feb 11, 2014

Each week I receive plenty of emails about possible story ideas — so many, it’s difficult to pursue them all.

On Friday, I received a message that tugged at my heartstrings.

7:31 AM Feb 11, 2014
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7:30 AM Feb 11, 2014
Commercial pilots head to wrong airports more often than you'd think
6:00 AM Feb 11, 2014

Erie County Health Department officials say they are hopeful Erie County will land a grant soon that will allow the longawaited Bay View sewer project to move forward. 

8:23 PM Feb 10, 2014