Customers seeking spiritual help have a new store to meet their needs.
3:00 PM Dec 21, 2012
The following cats are available for adoption from the Erie County Humane Society.
2:02 PM Dec 21, 2012
Following last week's carnage at a Connecticut elementary school -- where a man used an assault rifle to blast his way into the building and gun down 20 children and six adults -- the Obama administration has already placed the gun debate front and center.
1:47 PM Dec 21, 2012
I had a long week this past week. I had finals and graduation, in addition to trying to balance work. I was not able to get to the gym this past week because I had so much I had to do. I really wanted to study so that I would make sure that I got really good grades on my finals. My brain was...
1:16 PM Dec 21, 2012

The following are the top three real estate transactions in Ottawa, Erie and Huron counties for the week ending Dec. 21.







1:01 PM Dec 21, 2012

This week the Sandusky History blog recalls mailings sent out by the R.M. and C.B. Wilcox Company to advertise Christmas gifts in the early 1920s.


11:01 AM Dec 21, 2012
A Willard boy charged with shooting his mother in the back pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity Thursday.
8:00 AM Dec 21, 2012
It's the easiest way to cook; here's how to make healthy crock pot meals.
7:51 AM Dec 21, 2012
A release of water from the Missouri River and recent snow and rain are offering some relief for the Mississippi River.
6:01 AM Dec 21, 2012
The new Steven Spielberg movie, "Lincoln," includes a scene that features the president with his sleeping son, Tad.
5:01 AM Dec 21, 2012
A federal judge upheld Ohio's new restrictions on exotic animals Thursday after several owners sued the state over the law, which was enacted after a man released dozens of his wild creatures last year before committing suicide.
8:33 PM Dec 20, 2012
Gov. John Kasich has kept the state Supreme Court's four-woman majority intact by appointing a female appellate judge from Columbus to an upcoming vacancy.
6:07 PM Dec 20, 2012