Workers at a casino in Cleveland have voted to unionize, and four unions working together to represent them are hoping to organize workers at Ohio's other casinos.
6:00 AM Aug 29, 2012
Republicans have nominated former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president, culminating a long primary fight and setting the stage for a close contest against President Barack Obama.
8:00 PM Aug 28, 2012
One or several vandals were rotten to the root when they destroyed two trees planted at a city park.
5:54 PM Aug 28, 2012
An 23-year-old soldier for Oberlin has died from injuries he suffered while serving in Afghanistan.
5:45 PM Aug 28, 2012

Ohio officials announced Tuesday that they have detected Asian carp DNA from 20 water samples taken earlier this summer from the Sandusky River and Sandusky Bay.

4:31 PM Aug 28, 2012
Two more American flags were reported stolen Sunday morning from neighboring Central Avenue houses.
4:29 PM Aug 28, 2012
The Obama administration has finalized new fuel economy rules that will require the fleet-wide average of new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. to double over the next 13 years.
4:24 PM Aug 28, 2012
Q: Did Fultz & Sons Inc. Refuse Service and Canfield Hartley Refuse Service merge? I have noticed Canfield Hartley employees wearing F.S.I. uniforms and when you call both businesses they answer the phone F.S.I. disposal, Canfield Hartley. - Amy in Perkins
12:00 PM Aug 28, 2012

At the last city commission meeting, the public got a small glimpse of our City Commissioners in rare action.

11:00 AM Aug 28, 2012
The Monroeville Schools are on a two-hour delay for the start of classes.
10:34 AM Aug 28, 2012
A former Norwalk teacher has pleaded guilty to having sex with a student.
10:19 AM Aug 28, 2012
The Ottawa County Historical Society Keeper's House is sponsoring a War of 1812 military encampment and bicentennial activities Sept. 22-23.
10:15 AM Aug 28, 2012
A nation at war, crippling joblessness and a looming budget standoff that could wreck the economy have been overshadowed in recent days by an issue that polls show doesn't even crack voters' lists of top 10 concerns: abortion.
10:00 AM Aug 28, 2012
Three Huron County children fell ill with the flu after exposure to swine at the recently concluded county fair, according to the state health department.
9:00 AM Aug 28, 2012