That cigarettes cause lung cancer is no secret, but new report says they can also be to blame for Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and erectile dysfunction
9:00 AM Jan 18, 2014
Wrestling at Sandusky High School
6:20 AM Jan 18, 2014
Leaders of both parties, along with recent polls, show rising distaste for brinkmanship and dysfunction
6:00 AM Jan 18, 2014
Back in July I was approached about writing a beer blog for Funcoast and I couldn’t have been more excited about it.  Being somewhat new to the area, I hadn’t had much luck finding good craft beer suppliers.  I must say that that has changed tenfold since I started writing Foaming at the Mouth. In...
8:50 PM Jan 17, 2014
More workers quit, which is also a positive signal for the job market
8:00 PM Jan 17, 2014
May 2 is deadline for fourth- or fifth-year students to apply.
7:37 PM Jan 17, 2014
It is safe to say, here, in Erie County, we are tough on juvenile crime. A quick overview of our Juvenile Court Division will attest to that.
6:53 PM Jan 17, 2014
Chipotle among restaurants interested in its availability
6:20 PM Jan 17, 2014
The artist who created the dozen or so dynamic paintings that line his living room wall tends to downplay his masterpieces.
6:11 PM Jan 17, 2014
Convicted killer was first to receive never-before-tried combination of lethal drugs
6:00 PM Jan 17, 2014
“Once you get married lawfully in one state, another state cannot summarily take your marriage away,”
5:49 PM Jan 17, 2014
A coalition of black lawmakers, clergy and civil rights leaders are backing an Ohio constitutional amendment guaranteeing certain voter protections in the perennial battleground.
5:25 PM Jan 17, 2014
Roadways are hazardous because of blowing and drifting snow
4:39 PM Jan 17, 2014
A pair of Republican state lawmakers is pushing for Ohio’s shale-gas rich counties to get a portion of the money generated from a proposed tax hike on oil and gas drillers.
4:24 PM Jan 17, 2014
Norwalk gains another NOL victory.
3:50 PM Jan 17, 2014