Funds are available to assist people seeking employment, through Huron County Department of Job and Family Services.
7:17 PM Jan 16, 2014
Three men arrested on charges of recklessly starting the fire
6:00 PM Jan 16, 2014
A Foxborough Circle woman was charged with child endangering for drunkenly passing out in her apartment while a small child was home, police said.
5:53 PM Jan 16, 2014
Ohio’s governor and legislative leaders are urging support for renewing a public works program that funds repairs and upgrades to roads, bridges and other local infrastructure needs.
5:29 PM Jan 16, 2014
Republican Gov. John Kasich’s request to hold his State of the State address in the northeast Ohio city of Medina has cleared the Legislature.
5:12 PM Jan 16, 2014
Women can take a variety of steps to avoid cervical cancer or to spot the disease early when it's highly treatable. Cervical cancer usually doesn’t cause symptoms until its later stages. That’s why it’s so important to spot it early — and take steps to stop it from ever starting. What puts you at...
5:00 PM Jan 16, 2014
Top Fremont St. Joseph
4:40 PM Jan 16, 2014
Margaretta school board members selected their president and vice president for 2014 at a brief organizational meeting Wednesday night.
4:22 PM Jan 16, 2014
A Sandusky man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in an hours-long attack Monday morning, police said.
3:44 PM Jan 16, 2014
Scientists to go ahead with $600K algae study
3:27 PM Jan 16, 2014
We've had our holiday fun, now it's time to pay. Settle in, this one's long.
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3:00 PM Jan 16, 2014
About 30 children were fighting outside a boy’s Prospect Street home Monday evening, in what his aunt said was the latest chapter of threats made against him in connection with a slew of gang arrests in August, police said.
2:57 PM Jan 16, 2014
Game vs. Chicago on Jan. 22
2:50 PM Jan 16, 2014
Board votes to drop program, create policy in effort to cut back
2:39 PM Jan 16, 2014