Double-amputee runner makes rare public statement
6:00 AM Feb 15, 2014
Hockey is a fast-paced sport on an unstable surface. This requires as much strength as it does stability. Much can be learned from training for this sport that can be carried over to performance training and fitness. Hockey is usually played in shifts called lines, with athletes constantly...
2:00 AM Feb 15, 2014
An explosion damaged a houseThursday in the Seneca County community of Bettsville, about 40 miles southeast of Toledo.
11:05 PM Feb 14, 2014
Who will fill the vacant late-inning roles in the bullpen?
10:30 PM Feb 14, 2014
Millions made from Beanie Babies hidden in Swiss bank account
9:09 PM Feb 14, 2014
Three children who police say were tied to their beds for long periods of time, beaten and deprived of food are now relishing the seemingly mundane — going to school and eating ice cream.
8:03 PM Feb 14, 2014
The president is scheduled to meet with a round table of farmers in California to see the drought's impact firsthand
8:00 PM Feb 14, 2014
In the history of education, it may forever be known as the one time teachers and family members approved of a student's knowledge of alcohol.
7:53 PM Feb 14, 2014
The board also thanked outgoing board member Meg Chrislip for her years of service to the board.
7:14 PM Feb 14, 2014
The Patrol’s 155th Academy Class graduated today after 22 weeks of intense paramilitary training. Tpr. Justin J. Fleming of Norwalk was top performer in academics.
6:21 PM Feb 14, 2014
Budget your calories for this protein splurge
6:20 PM Feb 14, 2014
Spring surge may be tamer than in recent years
6:00 PM Feb 14, 2014

Cory Hoffman, a Democrat running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the May Democratic Primary, was our guest at noon today. Robert Horrocks Jr. and Richard May are the candidates in the Republican Primary for the 9th U.S. Congressional seat. 

6:00 PM Feb 14, 2014
Group busted with more than $8K in gift cards
5:55 PM Feb 14, 2014