It's official: Subway is moving into the former Markley's building at 160 Wayne St. in downtown Sandusky.
10:32 AM Jun 6, 2012
Excerpt from the Viewpoint editorial in the today's Register, June 6, 2012: The term that best expresses Erie County sheriff Terry Lyons is "always professional' He was tough when he needed to be, compassionate when the circumstances called for it and jovial, well, sometimes.
10:20 AM Jun 6, 2012
What's the price of a first-class greeting to this tourist Mecca in the Midwest? About $230,000.
9:00 AM Jun 6, 2012
An Arkansas man accused of illegally selling live Asian carp in Michigan has been charged with 12 felony counts, officials said Tuesday.
6:00 AM Jun 6, 2012
The nation's school districts are turning up their noses at "pink slime," the beef product that caused a public uproar earlier this year.
10:14 PM Jun 5, 2012

Remember Jamal Lewis, the former star running back for the Cleveland Browns who tried to buy Maui Sands last year? The deal fell through when Lewis went broke instead.

4:19 PM Jun 5, 2012
Q: Now that pit pulls are not considered viscous at birth, do pit bull owners still have to carry the $100,000 insurance? - Lynda in Shelby Street
12:14 PM Jun 5, 2012
Like a choir of angels, four women surrounded Stein hospice patient Deedy Johnsen with song.
11:04 AM Jun 5, 2012
A man as famous for his temper as he is for his cooking will descend on a Norwalk restaurant next week to kick it into shape.
11:02 AM Jun 5, 2012

I have gone down another size!  I can’t believe it.  The weight has been a little slow coming off the past few weeks, but I sure could feel the loss in my clothes. Four more weeks with the FIT Challenge, but I will continue after this ends.

10:58 AM Jun 5, 2012

What a great week it was, nice and cool outside! On Friday, it was good to have all of us under one roof at the Register for our monthly interview with FIT Editor Brandi Barhite. 

10:46 AM Jun 5, 2012

It’s hard to believe that we are entering the final month of the competition.  If you remember when I decided to sign up for this, it was done on what can be best described as a whim. 

10:38 AM Jun 5, 2012
Ohio's transportation department is seeking bids from developers interested in commercializing five state-owned rest areas on non-interstate roadways.
10:00 AM Jun 5, 2012
Eight Sandusky employees who have already retired - or who plan to retire sometime this year - are slated to receive a collective $237,000 in career-ending payouts, according to a Register analysis of city finances.
9:00 AM Jun 5, 2012