Attention, multi-taskers! Beat stress and get an ab workout at the same time with this super-easy routine.
6:55 AM Jan 18, 2013
State officials are warning Ohioans about the potential for fraud and identity theft from smartphone applications that claim to offer access to account balances for cash and food assistance programs.
6:02 AM Jan 18, 2013
Hospital officials believe their employees should get flu shots to protect visitors and patients, but getting everyone vaccinated is a work in progress.
5:04 AM Jan 18, 2013
Nominations for the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards begin on Monday, so it's time to read up on how and where to place your nominations.
4:30 AM Jan 18, 2013
Lenders took possession of fewer U.S. homes in 2012 than a year earlier, as the pace of new homes entering the path to foreclosure slowed and banks increasingly opted to allow troubled borrowers to sell their homes for less than what they owed on their mortgage.
8:18 PM Jan 17, 2013
The government is proposing to inject healthy trees with pesticides to help battle the tree-killing Asian longhorned beetle in southwest Ohio.
6:03 PM Jan 17, 2013
Two groups are helping children smile in Huron County.
4:01 PM Jan 17, 2013
Do you plan to get married soon? Well, you are in luck! Tis the season for numerous bridal expos to take place around the area.
3:51 PM Jan 17, 2013
Defense attorneys have filed more than a dozen motions on behalf of accused rapist and killer Curtis Clinton.
2:02 PM Jan 17, 2013
A northeast Ohio school district plans to allow a science teacher to carry a firearm during class — a move the superintendent says was prompted by last month's mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.
1:02 PM Jan 17, 2013

The memory is the first thing to go, right?


I took a photo yesterday while walking back into work of a man walking with his granddaughter as she pedaled across Jackson Street. (a couple of the photos are above).

12:19 PM Jan 17, 2013

All too often, courts have acted too precipitously in granting judgment to banks seeking to foreclose on people’s homes, assuming that the banks have the paperwork in order.

11:01 AM Jan 17, 2013
An Ohio man hatched a plot to kill a woman he was in a home-ownership dispute with, authorities say, by approaching an emergency room patient at the renowned hospital where he worked as a nurse with the question, "Ever killed anyone?"
9:02 AM Jan 17, 2013
While an ongoing search for a new top cop progresses, Sandusky officials extended police Chief Jim Lang's contract.
8:20 AM Jan 17, 2013