I may have been taken for a ride. Again.

After making what I thought were huge steps toward my goal of landing an in-person interview with Mitt Romney, there’s been nothing but silence from the Romney machine.

10:51 AM Jun 21, 2012
A mail-order hatchery in southwest Ohio says it's working closely with health officials investigating a new salmonella outbreak being traced back to their chicks.
10:00 AM Jun 21, 2012
A World War II-era PT boat formerly based on the Hudson River is making its way westward along the Erie Canal, headed to its new home on the Great Lakes.
6:00 AM Jun 21, 2012

Boat ride Ocean Motion was on the verge of becoming the most popular attraction at Cedar Point on Monday. At least for a few minutes.

10:34 PM Jun 20, 2012
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has launched a program intended to iron out public records disputes between citizens and local governments before they wind up in court.
8:07 PM Jun 20, 2012
Northern Ohio is feeling the heat the first day of summer as temperatures are expected to approach all-time records in some cities.
5:07 PM Jun 20, 2012
Q: My friends, a married couple, are trying to play cupid and hook me up with another single friend of theirs. I went out with him several times, and there just isn't any chemistry, and he's really not my type. I know they are just trying to help, but they keep pressuring me to go out with him again and tell me to act differently around him, be more of a lady. It's getting to be a bit too much. - Hounded
4:07 PM Jun 20, 2012

My boss, managing editor Matt Westerhold, has been getting some heat from our more conservative readers for the column he wrote for our editorial page a couple of weeks ago criticizing Fox News, the right-leaning cable news channel and Web site.

3:47 PM Jun 20, 2012

Derek Davey at the Geneology Northwest Ohio blog shared a bunch of links this week to free services for genealogical research.

2:42 PM Jun 20, 2012
The Ohio Department of Commerce is warning Ohioans about an internet scam related to unclaimed funds.
2:26 PM Jun 20, 2012
A former Sandusky city commissioner contends area government officials stole his drawings and installed a copyrighted sign without consent.
2:24 PM Jun 20, 2012
The Ohio congressional candidate known as "Joe the Plumber" suggested in a campaign video that German gun controls contributed to deaths during the Holocaust because Jews didn't have firearms to defend themselves.
2:21 PM Jun 20, 2012

I am amazed at how my eating has changed in the past six months.  I no longer crave things that aren’t especially good for me.  When I go out I automatically look at the salad menu and don’t even think about having dessert. 

12:51 PM Jun 20, 2012
On Tuesday we answered a question about when the city will chose a new police chief. There is an update to the answer following a city meeting Tuesday evening.
12:12 PM Jun 20, 2012