6:54 PM Sep 8, 2014
Top with some thinly-sliced serrano chilies
6:38 PM Sep 8, 2014
Put in Bay remembers the War of 1812
6:29 PM Sep 8, 2014
Man accused is convicted sex offender
6:19 PM Sep 8, 2014
17-year-old sent messages to inform 14-year-old ex-girlfriend video had been made public
6:00 PM Sep 8, 2014
Grainy video from casino elevator shows Baltimore RB striking then-fiancee
4:44 PM Sep 8, 2014
'We just want to get a lighthouse in the park'
4:02 PM Sep 8, 2014
Europa-Park in Germany holds top ranking
3:02 PM Sep 8, 2014
Thumbs up to donations, Sortino family, Erie County Sheriff's Office
1:52 PM Sep 8, 2014
A new study has concluded that breakfast, long considered the most important meal of the day, is actually no more or less beneficial to us than any other meal.
1:35 PM Sep 8, 2014

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Thomas A. Edison

This past week has been a difficult one for me. I'm not really sure why, but today is the first time I've dreaded sitting down to write.

1:00 PM Sep 8, 2014
Items now on view at ground zero museum
12:16 PM Sep 8, 2014
She'll travel to Washington, D.C., this week
12:12 PM Sep 8, 2014

Erie County Fair Board, wise up. A veteran or senior citizen is the same age all day long, not until 4 p.m. Admission at Huron County Fair is a penny all day.

Seneca and Sandusky fairs are $2 all day. Some veterans and seniors work and can’t make the 4 p.m. deadline.

12:00 PM Sep 8, 2014
Is there some limit or restriction on when people can or can't place political signs up? And if there is a restriction, can they place signs up during special events, such as the fair? Brenda in Perkins Township
11:20 AM Sep 8, 2014

I have prided myself on being objective and respecting the thoughts and comments of others, for I myself am far from perfection, but I must take offense to the column by Mark Mix titled “It’s Labor Day, Not Union Day” (Regi

11:18 AM Sep 8, 2014

Thursday will be the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. 

10:30 AM Sep 8, 2014
Officials contend reinvigorating, emphasizing code enforcement can help Sandusky prosper