The Sandusky Register's annual Fourth of July Photo Contest has begun and is available online for the first time. The Nature gallery has been posted after a delay.

12:20 AM Jun 22, 2012
Authorities have charged a former employee of an Ohio nursing home with setting a fire that led to one resident's death during the building's evacuation.
8:07 PM Jun 21, 2012

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6:00 PM Jun 21, 2012
An anti-abortion group in Ohio is facing a significant shortfall in the number of signatures needed to ask voters in the presidential battleground this fall whether the state constitution should declare that life begins when a human egg is fertilized, throwing up another obstacle for the "personhood" movement.
5:04 PM Jun 21, 2012
Folks headed to a downtown Sandusky concert Tuesday were greeted instead by a peep show where a drunken man stripped naked and hopped into the Boy with the Boot fountain.
1:52 PM Jun 21, 2012
You can almost imagine Mitt Romney checking the boxes in pondering whether Ohio Sen. Rob Portman might be a good running mate.
1:10 PM Jun 21, 2012
Q: Hey Register, What type tree are those on the first block of East and West Market Street that are in bloom right now? The trees with the tall, white blossoms. Ed on Washington Street
11:59 AM Jun 21, 2012
Thirty years after being illegitimately sold to the Toledo Museum of Art, an ancient Italian artifact worth more than a half-million dollars will soon be returned to its country of origin.
10:53 AM Jun 21, 2012

I may have been taken for a ride. Again.

After making what I thought were huge steps toward my goal of landing an in-person interview with Mitt Romney, there’s been nothing but silence from the Romney machine.

10:51 AM Jun 21, 2012
A mail-order hatchery in southwest Ohio says it's working closely with health officials investigating a new salmonella outbreak being traced back to their chicks.
10:00 AM Jun 21, 2012
A World War II-era PT boat formerly based on the Hudson River is making its way westward along the Erie Canal, headed to its new home on the Great Lakes.
6:00 AM Jun 21, 2012

Boat ride Ocean Motion was on the verge of becoming the most popular attraction at Cedar Point on Monday. At least for a few minutes.

10:34 PM Jun 20, 2012
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has launched a program intended to iron out public records disputes between citizens and local governments before they wind up in court.
8:07 PM Jun 20, 2012