U.S. states expect to collect higher tax revenue in the coming budget year that combined would top pre-recession levels, according to a survey released Tuesday. The increase could reduce pressure on states to cut budgets and lay off workers.
1:30 PM Jun 12, 2012
A Toledo girl who, with one slap, ruptured a Sandusky girl's eardrum turned herself in Monday morning at the Sandusky police station.
12:37 PM Jun 12, 2012

This past week began the last month of the FIT Challenge.  As soon as I’ve sent in this blog, I’ll be hopping onto my treadmill for my second workout of the day. 

11:19 AM Jun 12, 2012

I had a wonderful week in Chicago.  It worked well the first part of the week with my meals and then the 2nd part was not as good. 

11:18 AM Jun 12, 2012

I had a great week; it went by fast!  The weather was really nice and hot, but it’s better than rain and being cold. 

11:13 AM Jun 12, 2012
U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced the grand opening of the new Sandusky Bay Station, located at 709 SE Catawba Road in Portage Township.
11:12 AM Jun 12, 2012
The nation's unemployment rate of 8.2 percent may sink President Barack Obama's re-election bid, but one detail brightens his hopes. About 10 battleground states will decide the election, and seven of them have employment levels that beat the U.S. average.
10:00 AM Jun 12, 2012
U.S.Coast Guard boarding teams responded to a number of drunken boating incidents in the western Lake Erie region over the weekend.
9:46 AM Jun 12, 2012
To some, Chris Smith was simply "coach.'
9:46 AM Jun 12, 2012

 Recently appointed Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth and his chief deputy Jared Oliver were our guests for Between the Lines this week.

Watch the program in the player below

9:23 AM Jun 12, 2012
Excerpt from the Viewpoint editorial in the today's Register, June 12, 2012: And this will be a Subway restaurant with a million-dollar view of the waterfront from the outdoor patio of the refurbished Markley's building. Franchise owner Robert Resley - who has worked with the Subway company for more than two decades - also plans to get another tenant at the location. Everybody has an opinion; Don't miss ours
9:07 AM Jun 12, 2012
A West Virginia man who told authorities he was hitchhiking across the country and writing a memoir about kindness was injured in a seemingly random drive-by shooting near Montana's booming Bakken oil patch.
7:26 AM Jun 12, 2012
A Perkins Township man is dead following a single-vehicle crash on the Campbell Street bridge over Ohio 2.
12:04 AM Jun 12, 2012
The head of Ohio's cancer-control program wants to focus on cancer prevention and early detection and, when possible, avoid using resources to investigate geographic locations that report higher-than-expected numbers of cancer cases.
8:07 PM Jun 11, 2012