Sandusky police and Erie County deputies are scrambling to find a registered sex offender who flew the coop Sept. 4 during a judge-ordered furlough.
3:38 PM Sep 13, 2012
A former adviser to President Barack Obama says the president would continue supporting a wide-ranging Great Lakes restoration program if re-elected. But Carol Browner says it's too soon to know how much money would be available during a second Obama term.
2:00 PM Sep 13, 2012
Q: How can I get an absentee ballot? - Tiffany in Huron
1:18 PM Sep 13, 2012
Cedar Point demolished the Space Spiral ride Wednesday to make room for the new GateKeeper winged coaster coming in 2013.
1:01 PM Sep 13, 2012
The family and friends of Heather Jackson and her two children will lay the young family to rest later today.
12:54 PM Sep 13, 2012
One woman who reported being raped earlier this summer has now identified Curtis Clinton as the man she suspects raped her, Sandusky police said Wednesday, and he's also a suspect in another rape investigation.
11:22 AM Sep 13, 2012
Wilma approached us several weeks ago after receiving a letter from her loan servicer, M&Q Bank, indicating that it had referred her case to counsel for the purpose of filing foreclosure. Wilma had been struggling for almost a year in trying to resolve her mortgage issues with M&Q.
10:58 AM Sep 13, 2012

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10:37 AM Sep 13, 2012
An increasingly warm climate is worsening the problem of harmful Great Lakes algae blooms by boosting the intensity of spring rains that wash phosphorus into the waters, a scientist said Wednesday during a conference for advocates and policymakers.
10:00 AM Sep 13, 2012
For two decades, one of the most commonly used types of rail tanker has been allowed to haul hazardous liquids from coast to coast even though transportation officials were aware of a dangerous design flaw that almost guarantees the car will tear open in an accident, potentially spilling cargo that could catch fire, explode or contaminate the environment.
6:00 AM Sep 13, 2012
Federal assistance is now available for small businesses in Erie, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky and Wood conuties that were affected July 1 by the hail storm.
5:00 AM Sep 13, 2012
A 67-year-old Norwalk man died Wednesday afternoon after he was run over by a grain wagon in Milan Township.
8:38 PM Sep 12, 2012
Each one of the hair- and-beard-cutting attacks against Amish men and women last fall was connected to one person, an Amish bishop who thought he was above the law and free to hand out punishment based on his religious beliefs, a federal prosecutor said Wednesday.
8:23 PM Sep 12, 2012