In the news business, we are trained observers, and we began noticing years ago how the Huron city government under its city manager, Andy White, laid out plans and executed them.

6:01 AM Jan 20, 2014
Top three elected offices, from conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats, support gay's right to wed
6:00 AM Jan 20, 2014

The firing of Brian Panetta as the St. Mary Central Catholic High School band and choir director is one sad story, on so many levels.

5:00 AM Jan 20, 2014
Two police officers in northeast Ohio have been disciplined after a gun accidentally fired while they cleaned their weapons at the high school where they were assigned.
9:59 PM Jan 19, 2014
Cold winter warms up ice fishing industry
9:30 PM Jan 19, 2014
Jan. 18 to 20, 2014
8:10 PM Jan 19, 2014
Suicide bombings last month in Volgograd, about 400 miles from Sochi Games, have contributed to anxiety
8:00 PM Jan 19, 2014
All lanes now open.
7:28 PM Jan 19, 2014
Legislation in the Ohio House would allow production and sale of beer with higher alcohol content in the state.
4:49 PM Jan 19, 2014
Nic Williams sets new scoring record for Pirates
4:20 PM Jan 19, 2014
President says he is troubled at disproportionate number of arrests and imprisonments of minorities for marijuana use
4:20 PM Jan 19, 2014
The cost of a jail kitchen project in Cleveland has risen another half-million dollars.
3:57 PM Jan 19, 2014
Gray reaches 1,000 point milestone
3:20 PM Jan 19, 2014
“The world is full of people who are guided by good intentions; what we need is more follow-through. Instead of ‘we almost’ let the world say about us, ‘we did’ “

– Pulpit Helps Magazine

3:12 PM Jan 19, 2014