Note: See comments section below about a substitution regarding the guest column. Excerpt from a column on the editorial page in Sunday's Register by Dr. Richard Koonce: Therefore, they deserved whatever repercussions resulted from their own actions.
8:32 AM Jul 1, 2012
story headline Police: K9 fell through window of condemned building 6/30/2012 05:24 PM fancy1 says: Now I want to say that I am an ex-police officer who worked for one of the agencies that participated in this canine training fiasco. I am very sorrowful that any of my fellow police officers, canines or mounted horses have to sometimes sacrifice their lives. I am posting because it could easily have been avoided in this particular case. I expect someone to say "you weren't there. You don't know what really went down."
8:23 AM Jul 1, 2012
Mississippi could soon become the only state without an abortion clinic because of a new law taking effect this weekend. Critics say the law would force women to drive hours across the state line to obtain a constitutionally protected procedure, or could even force some to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.
10:30 PM Jun 30, 2012
U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has introduced legislation to change the name of North America's tallest peak from Mount McKinley to Mount Denali.
3:07 PM Jun 30, 2012
The fireworks display scheduled for tonight's Bellevue's Community Days festival have been postponed due to the weather.
12:31 PM Jun 30, 2012
Bellevue interim police Chief Matthew Johnson suffered incapacitating injuries in a serious crash late Thursday night on U.S. 20 in Bellevue.
12:06 PM Jun 30, 2012
Oil soared the most in more than three years after European leaders took surprisingly aggressive steps to halt a debt crisis that has undermined confidence in the global economy.
10:00 AM Jun 30, 2012
Bellevue School District announced Friday it has purchased a Moore Avenue building to use as a bus garage and for maintenance and storage.
9:00 AM Jun 30, 2012
Tips for a Successful Home Sale in 2013
7:54 AM Jun 30, 2012
A health plan suing Ohio in a dispute over scoring of Medicaid contract applications achieved high marks in a separate state contract process.
6:00 AM Jun 30, 2012
Cedar Fair has purchased the former J.D. Byrider building and a 13.8 acre lot at 2000 Cleveland Road for $735,000.
5:00 AM Jun 30, 2012
A day after the Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama's health care law, Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney said the landmark ruling has created new urgency in the presidential contest.
8:07 PM Jun 29, 2012

If you cornered a Cedar Fair or Cedar Point executive and asked him or her what the most important thing is in park operations, I’d be willing to bet the rest of my life’s rides on Millennium Force he or she would say “the safety of our guests.”

5:07 PM Jun 29, 2012