Students listed from the second quarter
10:33 AM Feb 19, 2014
Pirates face Bellevue for second time in 7 days
10:30 AM Feb 19, 2014
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine alleges Athens County sheriff is a criminal
9:50 AM Feb 19, 2014

Middle aged rock music fans in Ohio are mourning the death of Bob Casale, guitarist and keyboard player for the Akron rock band Devo. The hometown newspaper's report is

9:20 AM Feb 19, 2014
If you believe that the economy and stock market will recover, you should rebalance your portfolio, strategists say
9:00 AM Feb 19, 2014
City commissioners expected to vote Monday on a budget that includes elimination of four full-time firefighter positions
8:03 AM Feb 19, 2014

"Watch "Between the Lines Live" interview with Sandusky FIre Lt. Adam Butler and firefighter and union vice president Ryan Brotherton and Butler at 5 p.m. today or on demand, anytime, at 

8:03 AM Feb 19, 2014
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7:29 AM Feb 19, 2014

The decision by CVS to stop selling tobacco products stirred a smoke ring of opinions, pro and con. Some people took issue with ‘big business’ acting as nannies taking away adult pleasures.  

7:14 AM Feb 19, 2014
Increasing evidence that a special strain of pot is helping some children with epilepsy has led more than 100 families to relocate to Colorado for treatment since last summer.
6:00 AM Feb 19, 2014
This round of snow is great for we have that going for us...which is nice.
10:51 PM Feb 18, 2014
An animal rights group said a high school in Ohio should put a stop to a tradition where students swallow live goldfish during a basketball game.
8:13 PM Feb 18, 2014
Woman complains about window display in PacSun store
8:00 PM Feb 18, 2014
Ohio Veterans Home greenhouse blooms again
6:31 PM Feb 18, 2014