Retailers say the data is "hashed" to make it anonymous, but privacy advocates aren't so sure
6:00 PM Feb 19, 2014
With pizza being one of the most popular foods in America, why not make it healthier with an easy homemade whole-wheat crust? The greatest thing about making pizza at home is you can make it exactly like you want it. This is also a great way to get kids involved. My boys love it when we make pizza...
5:40 PM Feb 19, 2014
Chicken thighs have a richer taste
5:19 PM Feb 19, 2014
The expenses ranged from public funds fronted for Clinton’s two attorneys; hotel rooms and meals for jurors; and a person to chronicle all the gruesome and intense details during the case.
4:04 PM Feb 19, 2014
17-win Norwalk draws Willard in sectional final
4:03 PM Feb 19, 2014
Growers used microscopes to analyze sample cuttings from their crops at a meeting last week, and very few of the plants appeared to still be alive.
3:36 PM Feb 19, 2014
Meeting to vote is next Monday
3:34 PM Feb 19, 2014
“There is a shortage of interim treasurers available in the area right now on such short notice, and this just makes sense for us”
3:03 PM Feb 19, 2014
Winschel's first 300 comes on TV
3:00 PM Feb 19, 2014
This first month of the FIT Challenge has definitely been an eye-opening experience for me. I have learned a lot, not only about how to work out and eat properly, but I am learning a lot of things about myself as well. One of the things that I have really struggled with in doing this challenge is...
2:40 PM Feb 19, 2014
Tax assistance is offered to individuals who earn less than $60,000 and households earning less than $90,000.
2:28 PM Feb 19, 2014
Snow worries behind, flooding woes on deck
2:12 PM Feb 19, 2014
Lady Flyers to play top-seed New Riegel on Saturday
2:10 PM Feb 19, 2014

Do you know where all of your money is? Well, you will be happy to know that Erie County clerk of courts Luvada Wilson is keeping a close eye on taxpayers’ money — even funds overpaid to her department in years past.

2:07 PM Feb 19, 2014