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6:20 AM Jan 21, 2014
Coverage includes issues ranging from bankrupt wedding halls to cancelations forced by unexpected military deployments
6:00 AM Jan 21, 2014
Sheriff Paul Sigsworth downgraded the road advisory to Level 1 asking motorists to be cautious on hazardous roads. The advisory was downgraded at about 9:15 a.m.
5:52 AM Jan 21, 2014

A couple of years ago the Lake Erie Shores & Islands visitors bureau commissioned a study to determine whether the Northcoast region could support a league park for sports programming that would attract competitive teams in various sports. 

5:30 AM Jan 21, 2014
No charges yet filed in gruesome Sandusky County slaying after asking 'Cold Justice' for help
8:42 PM Jan 20, 2014
Sandusky officials recently reworked their plan to negate a $1.1 million shortfall in the $16.3 million everyday operating budget.
8:31 PM Jan 20, 2014
In news conference long-detained American missionary says he committed anti-government acts
8:00 PM Jan 20, 2014
Perkins police are investigating a possible case of credit card fraud involving five people, $9,000 worth of gift cards, another $1,500 in merchandise and a total of 28 credit cards.
7:46 PM Jan 20, 2014
Three consecutive overall mild winters in Northwest Ohio parlayed into less demand, resulting in cheaper prices for local officials spending taxpayer dollars on salt.
6:09 PM Jan 20, 2014
In Atlanta, civil rights leaders and members of King's family address poverty, violence, health care and voting rights
6:00 PM Jan 20, 2014
I thought taking a vacation at the end of 2013 might allow me to come back to the markets with a clear head and a new viewpoint. My hope was a little detachment would bring the forest back into the picture at 35,000 feet.
5:52 PM Jan 20, 2014
Voting starts today for annual entertainment awards.
5:23 PM Jan 20, 2014
The center will be open Monday through Friday.
4:43 PM Jan 20, 2014
Retirement letter indicates fire Chief Paul Ricci will retire in October
4:30 PM Jan 20, 2014
When Perkins Schools officials and school board members gather tonight, they’re hoping for a packed house.
4:29 PM Jan 20, 2014