Today's front-page photo of Sandusky Municipal Court judge Erich O'Brien reminded me when I was a local news editor at The Chronicle-Telegram in Elyria.

8:16 AM Jan 20, 2013
Ever hit a mental whiteout pondering the difference between a winter storm watch and winter weather advisory?
6:01 AM Jan 20, 2013
Farm organizations are going the extra country mile to get the word out about fighting harmful algal blooms.
5:01 AM Jan 20, 2013
As Toyota Motor Corp. chips away at settling lawsuits claiming its vehicles suddenly accelerate, the question remains whether attorneys who sued could prove to a jury there was a design flaw.
3:16 PM Jan 19, 2013
Three very large corporate farms in Huron County "harbor wets."
2:31 PM Jan 19, 2013
A new racino scheduled to open in northeast Ohio needs to hire 600 people.
11:27 AM Jan 19, 2013
Federal authorities still won’t say why they raided Hermes Vineyards in November.
9:02 AM Jan 19, 2013
Ohio's jobless rate showed slow and steady improvement in December, state officials reported Friday.
6:20 AM Jan 19, 2013
Laurie Storer wears her heart on her sleeve and her motto on her wrist.
5:03 AM Jan 19, 2013
Charmin is providing some toilet paper relief on behalf of one of Ohio's newest million-dollar lottery winners.
8:28 PM Jan 18, 2013
For the second year in a row, Gov. John Kasich is making plans to deliver his State of the State speech outside the capital city, a practice he says exposes more Ohioans to their government but which critics say sets a bad precedent.
6:02 PM Jan 18, 2013
J Bistro is reopening today after a short hiatus and Consulting Chef Barbara Mills and Chef Jesse Harris were gracious enough to let me in before they reopened to check it all out, including getting to taste some of their delicious food featured on the winter menu. I snapped some pictures, too.
5:47 PM Jan 18, 2013

Here is this week’s edition of Futures File, our weekly commodities wrap-up:

4:05 PM Jan 18, 2013