Erie MetroParks announced today that 74 acres of marsh and wetlands will be added to the Wyandot Wetland Meadows Preserve, a part of East Sandusky Bay MetroPark in Huron.
12:39 PM Feb 29, 2012
Q: Is there any zoning laws in effect to regulate the placement on political signs? I have noticed several large campaign signs placed at intersections that are obstructing the line of sight for drivers to see oncoming traffic. I have notice this in both the city as well as Perkins Township. - Dave In Perkins
12:00 PM Feb 29, 2012
Staff at Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial announced Tuesday the park had 92,000 visitors in 2010 who spent more than $7.1 million in communities near the park.
10:59 AM Feb 29, 2012
Teens jumped out windows and scrambled to escape Tuesday when Sandusky police broke up an underage drinking party at a Carr Street home.
10:58 AM Feb 29, 2012
The dilapidated Keller Building is shedding bricks, which has prompted the city engineer to close Shoreline Drive in that area.
8:30 AM Feb 29, 2012
Sometimes one breakfast isn't enough. So why not sneak in a second or a third?
6:00 AM Feb 29, 2012
Auto sales are growing so fast that Detroit can barely keep up.
4:30 PM Feb 28, 2012
Republican 9th Congressional District candidate Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher visit's the Register's studio for a interview with Managing Editor Matt Westerhold.
4:09 PM Feb 28, 2012
Sandusky Register Managing Editor Matt Westerhold sits down for a conversation with Republican 9th Congressional District candidate Steve Kraus, of Huron.
4:06 PM Feb 28, 2012
The fallout from a sex abuse scandal at the Sandusky County jail has prompted the sheriff to pursue additional training for his employees.
1:36 PM Feb 28, 2012
FirstEnergy announced today it has found the root cause of the cracks in its Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Facility shield building. The culprit is the blizzard of January 1978.
1:32 PM Feb 28, 2012
Sandusy city hall made the following annoucement Friday: Shoreline Drive has been closed, until further notice, between Decatur Street and Jackson Streets.
12:28 PM Feb 28, 2012
Q: Why doesn't Cedar Point have events in the winter to help drive tourism year-round? - John on Columbus Ave.
12:19 PM Feb 28, 2012
(UPDATED 11:30 p.m.) Four men were hit by buckshot when a number of unidentified gunmen fired a volley of bullets Sunday morning into homes along Ashburn Drive and Judy Lane, Sandusky police said.
12:09 PM Feb 28, 2012